U.S. Customers To Only Get 100 Limited Edition MoonBikes: Enhance Your Winter Now!

We want you to upgrade your winter with MoonBikes and their electric snow mobile, yeah you heard that right! You will know what we are talking about shortly. Read on to find out more!
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Winter is going to be very exciting, at least for the U.S. customers anyway. If you are in the United States, you will be able to get a MoonBike for yourself very soon and that is the perfect option for winter traversal. If you don’t know about MoonBikes, here is an exciting refresher.

Winter Seasons also need a mobility solution, just like in the summer we can easily use electric bikes to move around. What if we applied that same idea to snowmobiles, how would that sound? Seems like Nicolas Muron beat us to this idea and not just now but in 2015. Right now, the global economy is wounded and gas prices are at an all-time high. We needed to apply that electric wave solution to snowmobiles and what we got as an answer is just majestic!

You might have heard about MoonBikes opening an office in Boulder, Colorado, this happened in late 2021. After being so successful they knew that their next big market awaits them in the United States. Why choose Boulder though? After all, it is where snow is king and people love to surf some snow, a perfect testing area!

To make people excited about their arrival, the French company will be bringing a Gift of 100 Limited Edition MoonBikes to the U.S. market. These new machines won’t have anything new in terms of tech but they will have a revamped paint job, and the people in America will be able to try it out for the first time.

If you ask me, this is really exciting because only 200 units of MoonBikes will be made this year and 50% will be coming to us. Although there is a mystery to be solved, how do they perform?

What’s Under The Hood?

These MoonBikes are really powerful, they pack enough power to allow you to surf the snow to your heart’s content. They feature a Bosch Motor and can max out 170 Nm (125lb-ft) of torque. Apart from this, they also produce 3kW of nominal power and can easily climb 40-degree inclines. They also have a max speed of 26 mph which is amazing, this much horsepower allows seamless adventures.



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Riding Impressions 

 MoonBikes feel very magical, everything from the build quality to the performance just feels like an almighty achievement. Your winter routine is going to be transformed by the MoonBikes, just be sure to pave this through only 12 inches of snow, which is the maximum limit.

If you want to take your time and enjoy just almost everything then I would suggest that you use the Eco-mode, it just balances everything. Let’s say that you have a ride planned with the group, nothing feels better than a snow surf session, you will need the Eco mode to get to the meetup location.

Once you are there, it is time to take things to the next level, so you should crank the switch to Sport mode and see the true power of the MoonBikes. You will get one full hour of the maximum capabilities that this electric snowmobile can offer.



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Upgrade Options 

Of course, you would want to upgrade after riding your MoonBike! If you are willing to spare $1,900 then you can double your range with the 2.5 kWh battery pack. Riding for longer times would surely prove satisfactory. You can also get a fast charger while you’re at it, for only $480. With the fast charger, you will be able to fully charge this puppy within an hour.

So now we have officially run out of words for the MoonBikes, they are just spectacular. Here’s an amazing video to give you a taste of what lies ahead. Enjoy!



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