New Moot Prototype With 750d WTB Wheels & Tires Adds Fire To The Flame!

700c has been burried deep by the new 750d wheel size introduced by Moot!


WTB has been famous for testing new things occasionally, but is it really a good idea to make such a drastic upgrade in the gravel world? 750d WTB custom wheel rims and Nano Raptor tires! If you thought 700c was huge, well then the 750d is definitely going to blow off your socks!

Coming straight from Portland, reported by Ben Delaney on his YouTube and Instagram channel, Moot has set everything on fire partnered with WTB.  We have seen 700c on gravel bikes as a standard size and on road bikes as well, but Moot is well set to try this prototype and see how 750d can hype up the game.

While the idea was first floated around in 2020, the results were not what everyone hoped for. People just found the size okay and nothing new but everyone did speculate about the marketplace confusion that the idea would generate. Well, it’s here and it’s happening. What can we say?

But Mark Slate, the co-founder at WTB, an American manufacturer, is sure that this prototype will be the next big advancement in the world of cycling. In his own words:

Innovated and driven by Mark Slate (co-founder), WTB has developed a large diameter 750d tire and rim that currently only fits custom-built-to-spec bikes. WTB is constantly prototyping to determine the next advancement in bike technology, but there is currently no production timeline for 750d. Our plans to move forward are dictated by brands’ interests in this new wheel size

Although it sounds more like an experiment, because they have just launched a prototype and have not gone with a proper launch of the new wheel size, let’s see what it can mean for cyclists like you and me!

What Could The New Wheel Size Mean?

A 750d, until now, has been only a hypothetical wheel size because this is a very large wheel size we are talking about. Mostly we would see 20 to 29 inches (in diameter) tires on a bicycle. 750d can really change the game and here’s how:


It’s common knowledge that larger tires are more comfortable to ride since they provide more stability. They are better at absorbing bumps and vibrations as compared to the narrower tires. Now it’s really beneficial for the older riders because it means they will have less strain on their joints due to a comfortable ride. 

High Rolling Resistance 

Larger tires have a higher rolling resistance. So imagine the rolling resistance a 750d tire would have! You will have to exert more effort to maintain your speed. But it does not matter much if you are just going for a casual ride. 

Tire Clearance 

Tire clearance is really important when you are changing your tire sizes. It has to have clearance within your bike frame and fork. A 750d might not fit in your regular bike because there will not be enough space between the tire and the frame. This can be a real issue!


Terrain Compatibilty 

While buying a new tire, you always have to think about the type of riding you are going to do with them. Larger tires have the benefit of covering different types of terrain because they offer better traction as well as stability. So they can be perfect for your exploring desires!

Increased Weight 

Larger tires will, of course, be heavy. So they are going to add weight to your bike. This can affect your handling skills but if you are a casual rider, your focus will be on enjoying the ride rather than increasing speed. It wouldn’t matter much. 

So Is A 750d Really Needed?

There have some certain experiments in the past with tire sizes and not all of them were successful. Will the 750d meet the same fate? You never know. It is going to be really popular for a while but if you think about it, you’ll need to upgrade possibly your whole bike to get a taste of the new size. 

One thing that we are sure of is that Moots is definitely going to be the talk of the town at the MADE Show! 

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