The 612 Parts Brakes: Can They Be The Braking Solution We Have Been Looking For?

Uncover the future brakes with us. Let us dig into all the technicalities before we decide if the 612 Parts Brakes are the solution to all our problems.
612 Parts Brakes 1

The Bespoked Show was held in London just last weekend and some rather peculiar brakes were displayed there. We are talking about the prototype hydraulic mountain bike brakes developed by a manufacturer called 612 Parts. Although 612 Parts is not that well-known, this industrial-looking brake with 4-pistons was certainly enough to grab attention.

While these brakes did not have any sort of branding on them, Felix Lüttin, is the proprietor and engineer for these beauties.

Breaking Down The 612 Parts Brakes 

612 Parts Brakes

These brakes are bound to hit the market sooner rather than later as they are in their final development stages. They are fit for use in different kinds of tracks such as Enduro, Downhill, and trails.

The Piston

A 7075 aluminum is used to manufacture most of the parts of the brakes except for the piston inside the master cylinder. The piston is 9 mm in size and is made from an aluminum alloy. The likes of which are not specified.

The Lever

The reach of the Lever displayed at the Bespoked was adjustable. Nevertheless, the production lever will also include a bite point in addition to the lever throw adjustment. But you will not be able to adjust the latter with an allen head. For this, you will have to get an additional small piece which will be exchangeable. Some of these pieces will allow the rider to select a lever length that works best for them. 

The Caliper

The brake levers will only use mineral oil. You can purchase the caliper separately for use with Mineral Oil or DOT 5.1. The calipers can take the thickness of the bike motor up to 2.3mm. The pads might rub for the first few rides. This is because the thickness of the pads can vary by 0.2mm within the same series, by the same manufacturer. 

Material Sourcing

The engineer Felix Lüttin has sourced everything from nearby his home. The levers and the caliper body are from Germany. The stainless steel pistons were brought in from Switzerland. He also sourced some material from a UK-Based company called  Goodridge. The bearings and other smaller parts were sourced from various sellers online. 


612 Parts Brakes 2

Inside the box, you will get a  Banjo Bleedscrew, a bleed block, and the caliper. You will find that the caliper is well acquainted with mounting Shimano and Magura mount adapters. It has not been tested for other mount adapters.


You can get the Piston Brake Caliper in black and silver color. It is best suited with the Shimano SLX/XT/XTR series and the  SRAM Code brakes.

Release Date

The complete set, i.e. 4-Piston Caliper break by 612 will be available in the market in 4-5 weeks. The company has not revealed any information regarding the pricing of this product. Although you can purchase the Piston Brake Caliper directly from 612 Parts.

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