Unveiling The New RedShift Arclight Pedals: Here To Make Your Riding Safer And Smarter

The RedShift is branching out in the public safety market and their focus is making the cyclist more visible.

RedShift just launched their Arclight Pedals. What’s new? They are not just any pedals, These are illuminating paired with some other very “smart” features which make them Safer and Sturdier.

Cruising through the city on your bike carefree is probably one of the best feelings in the world. What’s even better is being able to ride safely. Safety is the one thing you should never compromise on. No matter what, safety always comes first. This is why Redshift designed their new Arclight Pedals to add more light to your back than just a front and a rear light. These pedals are the best way to make yourself visible to the traffic and they do perform much better than their market rivals. 

While these pedals don’t take anything away from your already installed lights, they just add a little more edge to them. If you are curious about the new RedShift Arclight Pedals, keep on reading to find out all that there is to know.

Unboxing The New Arclight Pedals

Taking a sneak peek inside the box, there are four separate light pods along with two pedals (of course). You will also find a USB charging hub. What’s cool is that you can charge all these four pods together.

The light pods are pre-charged but you should charge them a bit before launching them in the trial. At the end of the pod, you will see a light indicator. Green means it’s fully charged. 

The Design

As soon as we unboxed the Arclight Pedals, we were stunned by the details that were taken care of. Surely, you don’t want to ride around your bike having mismatched handles, tires, and pedals. Fashion is not only limited to your clothes. Every little detail contributes to your personality, even your bike. 

The Pedals


The Pedals are designed keeping this in mind. The sleek black color makes sure that the focus is more on the lights rather than the pedal itself. Talking about dimensions, the square-shaped metal is almost  9.5cm wide. You will find the foot interface on both the top and the bottom. While the pedal has no mountain bike-style pins, instead it has five ridges on the front side as well as the back. 

The Light Modules


The light modules are visible from everywhere inside the pedal. I mean the front, back, the side of the pedals, you name it. All you have to do is give it a single press and the lights are flashing from your bike pedals. You can choose from the eco-flashing, flashing, and solid modes. The light will give you a 3 to 11 hours lifetime per charge, depending on the mode you select. The eco-flashing mode will you a whooping 36 hours per battery charge. The battery size is a whole 530 mAh.


An instruction page is packed inside so that you can easily assemble the pedals. It also has some care instructions. You can use a 6mm Allen wrench or a 15mm pedal wrench. Each pedal weighs 350 grams with the pods installed. The sharp black color is sure to add some aesthetics to your bike. When the lights are on, they note the direction they are in. 

The Working

The working of the lights is really very simple. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to remember to dislodge the lights. All you have to do is tug them and they will dislodge. Similar is the case of loading them. You don’t have to remember their positions as the lights are smart to figure that out on their own. 

Even though the lumens may seem low to you, they shine perfectly well enough to make you visible. The lights will be in motion as long as you are pedaling. You can even fit the light modules as your bike lights. 

So What’s Unique About The New Arclight Pedals?

So what’s all this hype about the Arclight Pedals? They are pedals with lights after all. Wait! Hold that thought. The Arclight Pedals are not just any illuminating pedals. Their most unique feature is that the light pods are movement sensitive. When the lights are on, they note the direction they are in. 


The lights facing forward will shine a white light at 50 lm. On the other hand, The lights that are facing backward shine a red light at 20 lm. If for instance, you flip the pedal, the color of the lights will change with their direction.

That is not it, the lights also understand whether the bike is still moving or not. If you are not riding the bike for 30 seconds, it will enter standby mode. At 150 seconds and still no movement, the lights enter sleep mode and they shut off completely after 24 hours. They are weatherproof, which means that you can ride them anytime, anywhere.

The Final Verdict 

Any step taken towards adding more edge to the safety of cyclists is a step well-taken. The RedShift Arclight Pedal not only makes your riding safer but also adds to your biking aesthetics. You will not be running out of battery with these lights as they have a long-lasting life. They are simple to charge without the hassle of managing multiple wires for each light, just connect them with the charging hub and they are good to go.

The pedals are surely heavy because they are made of metal but this makes them durable and the lights are well-protected when lodged inside them. Surely the price is high at $139.99 but the RedShift Arclight Pedals make you noticeable and thus safe from all the busy traffic out there. The pedals are better than their market competitors with simple use and light colors that make so much more sense. The sensible choice of color when it comes to light helps the drivers understand your riding position. What else can we ask for? Availability of a few other color options in the pedal than just black, Maybe?

Nevertheless, the RedShift Arclight Pedal is a must-have no matter if you commute daily through busy traffic or take your bike out occasionally for a cruise because Safety always comes first. 


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Featured Image Via Instagram/ Arclight by Redshift (@arclightpedals)



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