Introducing HeyBike Tyson: A Foldable Electric Bike For Everyone

Heybike is known for producing spectacular electric bikes that can handle almost anything and with their newest edition- Tyson, the legacy continues! Unveiled officially at the CES 2023 Las Vegas, Heybike Tyson is the kind of electric bike made for everyone!
Heybike Tyson Cover

Heybike has unveiled its Tyson foldable electric bike and it looks jaw-dropping! If you want to see it in person then you are in luck because Heybike just announced that they will be bringing the Tyson to CES Las Vegas 2023. The Tyson requires your immediate attention, it offers convenience and portability like none other.

The most fascinating aspect of this foldable electric bike is that it is constructed from a single piece of magnesium alloy. Needless to say but the craftsmanship of this bike is truly phenomenal. We have reviewed and tried out many single-piece bike frames but this one just naturally stands out from the others. The Tyson is built with a unibody frame design that cannot be found anywhere else.



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What’s Under The Hood?

Heybike is currently promoting Tyson as the first in its category, we know it is a unique electric bike but to what extent? One thing is for sure, this is a bike that will offer amazing performance and long durability. The aesthetics of this bike are just amazing, wait till you see it in person!

The Tyson has a very unique construction, it is lightweight and excels in durability, and isn’t this what we actually want from any kind of bike? Ahead of the bike’s much-awaited public debut, Heybike’s co-founder William Li had this to say:

We’re very excited to launch Tyson during CES 2023. We designed this product to give riders the ultimate in aesthetics and convenience while delivering a riding experience like none other. […] As with all Heybike products, riders can feel the superior quality and durability in every aspect of the product.

Although the bike seems really good, there are some contradicting points that we noticed and want to point out. Heybike Tyson is promoted as a very “Lightweight” electric bike but it weighs 77 pounds which isn’t that lightweight, we have seen electric bikes that even weigh 23 pounds, this is a very interesting point since foldable electric bikes actually need to be light.

We think that the extra weight could be due to the rear swingarm which adds a second segment to the bike and let’s not forget about the heavy suspension components. Even though the extra weight could be problematic for some, we cannot ignore the brilliant aesthetics of the Heybike Tyson.

Motor and Battery 

We can happily say that Heybike Tyson is indeed packed with a powerful motor and battery, and thanks to its portable design, you can carry it/store it anywhere. It is powered by a 750W motor which is coupled with a 7-speed gear system, trust me, this bike is ready for any kind of adventure.

There is one mystery surrounding the Heybike Tyson, we still don’t know about the maximum speed. Considering that fact, it is very hard to deduct if this is a class 2 or class 3 electric bike. The bike also features an 8V 15Ah battery with a 720Wh capacity, with assist and a full charge it offers a maximum range of 55 miles. We may not know about the speed, but we do know that like the rest of the Heybike portfolio, the Tyson also comes with a thumb throttle.

Other Astounding Features

There are a lot of features that make the Heybike Tyson an all-rounder machine. Let’s start with the load capacity, it can carry up to 120 pounds on its rear rack which is great.

You can easily take out this bike to hit the trails, as it comes packed with both front and rear suspension. It even comes installed with four-inch fat tires for encountering tough terrains. You even get to have solid stopping power as the bike is fitted with hydraulic disc brakes.

Pricing Details 

As of right now, pricing details of the Heybike Tyson have not been revealed. With that being said, we won’t have to wait long as official details will soon be shared at the CES Las Vegas 20223 which will start on January 6th.

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