Take The Plunge: Get Ready To Ride With The 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post!

The VT304g will be well-liked by cyclists because it satisfies their need for a compact and dependable support. The VT304light g's frame, user-friendly layout, and anti-rotation mechanism combine to make for a relaxing and secure ride.
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Vertical is ecstatic to unveil the world’s lightest dropper post, the 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post. A groundbreaking new product, the 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post makes lowering and elevating your Seatpost much simpler and quicker.

One of the lightest dropper posts available, the carbon fiber shaft of this post is also quite strong. With its adjustable air spring, it may be fine-tuned to your preferred level of resistance and riding style. This 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post is perfect for any avid mountain biker thanks to its outstanding weight-to-strength and performance ratio.


New this week is the Vertical Helium Dropper Seat Post, the first offering from Vertical, the Spanish mountain bike component manufacturer founded by Jordi Villares and Ricard Bages. The Helium dropper, which includes a version that is 30.9mm x 60mm and weighs just 304g, claims to be the lightest thing in the world. It has two locking positions—up and down.


Drop length, total length, and diameter all differ from the 320mm x 60mm Vertical Helium Dropper, making it difficult to find an exact substitute.

The claimed weight of 304g is 38g less than the closest comparable post, a 30.9mm x 75mm Fox Transfer SL, but being 35mm shorter overall. The Vertical Helium, like the Transfer SL, only has two settings: up and down. Unlike most other dropper seat posts on the market, it is not “infinitely” adjustable.

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Helium’s hydraulic cartridge is pulled into action by a cable. The post’s base houses the actuator mechanism, where the free end of the cable is fed in, and tension is applied through remote control. The Helium can be launched without a remote, although Vertical is currently developing a much lighter alternative called the Ignitor. And without a clamp, it may weigh as little as 26 grams and be compatible with SRAM Matchmaker.

Adjusting the air spring pressure modifies the Vertical Helium Dropper’s return velocity. Unlike designs that require removing the clamp to access the valve, this one just protrudes out of the post’s head below the clamp, making it extremely user-friendly. While the post’s return is not softened, the post’s depression is thanks to the presence of 9mm of suspension oil, which helps to mitigate the sudden, jolting bottom-out experienced by other lightweight dropper posts.

Locking Mechanism

Unique to the Vertical Helium is a locking mechanism that keeps it securely in place. The primary telescopic tube of the Fox Transfer SL dropper post has grooves on its surface, allowing it to lock into position anywhere along its length. A minimum thickness is required for that tube to accommodate grooves.

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The locking mechanism is stored elsewhere, in a cartridge called an Independent Locking Cartridge that employs a series of tubes arranged in a concentric pattern far within the post. Vertical is in the process of patenting the design, thus details are currently scarce.


An innovative new post that claims to be the lightest in the world is the 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post. It comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate any bike, and its featherweight build makes it a top pick for athletes who want to push their limits without adding unnecessary bulk.

Out of the four sizes available, the smallest measures 320mm x 60mm.


A 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post may be purchased from a number of different stores for a wide range of prices. Prices might be anywhere from $200 to $400 on average. The model and store where you buy it from may affect how readily available it is. Possibly in the future, the company will also create 120mm variants, but they will be tailored to the needs of XC and Downhill bicycles, with an emphasis on minimalism and lightweight construction.


Combining the lightweight design of a carbon dropper post with the increased durability of a steel post, the 304g Vertical Helium Dropper Post is a revolutionary new dropper post. This dropper post is great for both novice and experienced cyclists thanks to its customizable cable routing and straightforward installation. The Vertical Helium Dropper Post is the perfect choice whether you need a durable and lightweight post for your next race or a durable and adaptable post for your daily commute.

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