Revolutionizing Cycling: Square-Wheeled Bicycle Shatters Stereotypes and Defies Physics!

It doesn't work the way you think it works, but it is still very surprising!

Square Wheel Bike

Although the mysteries of the “Wheel” were unraveled by our ancestors centuries ago, people are still trying to find novel ways to utilize the wheel. In the past, people used the wheel to move from one point to the other, the trick was to get a pair of round wheels and use them for transportation. If we told someone from the past that you can actually use squared wheels to travel, they would probably call us a lunatic or worse!

Keeping that in mind, the famous YouTube channel The Q engineers have developed a square-wheeled bicycle that works and sounds like a tank. This bizarre yet ingenious invention is perhaps one of the most remarkable achievements in cycling history. The inventors of this bike also managed to present a demonstration.

Judging from the video, it is enough proof that a bike like this can work and give you the comfort of a traditional round-wheeled bike. Although this isn’t the first time that square wheels have been used on a vehicle. Seven years ago, Mythbusters upgraded a pickup truck with square wheels and it worked perfectly!

Yes, it is possible to drive a vehicle with square wheels but it isn’t always going to you a comfortable ride. Most times, it will just get the job done and that’s it. Apart from this, we have also seen bikes with triangle wheels working, which was a really impressive cycling invention. One of the best parts of that bike was that it completely canceled any jarring movements felt by the rider, I wouldn’t mind one of those bikes for myself.

How Do You Create A Successful Invention?

Every invention that has ever been invented has been a solution to a problem. You identify the problem and then you work on the solution, simple as that. The wheel acted as a mode of transportation and more than that, from that time it has constantly evolved.

Previous takes on the square-wheeled bike failed because they depended too much on the type of surface, you needed a flat surface covered with a series of perfectly convex bumps, and this was rare. Engineers of The Q channel have fixed this problem with their smart and innovative invention.

This bike can be ridden anywhere without any kind of problems, we just hope that it actually goes commercial at some point in the future. If you look carefully at the bike, the construction will actually amaze you, the square wheels don’t move at all. Their rubber tires have been sliced and paired with four sets of bike chains, this has created a continuous tread that rolls around the outside of each wheel. The bike actually works like a tank, which also gives it a very intimidating but fun look!

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Featured Image Via YouTube/ The Q

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