Bernal Surgery

Egan Bernal Successfully Undergoes Spinal Surgery, Will Remain In Intensive Care

Egan Bernal, the former Tour De France winner met a horrific accident this week and was admitted into the hospital due to his severe injuries. He underwent successful spinal surgery, along with operations on his kneecap and fractured femur, as reported, he is in stable condition now. The surgery was indeed complex, as surgeons from

Bernal Crash

Egan Bernal To Undergo Surgery After Horrific Crash In Colombia

Egan Bernal, the formal Tour De France winner was practicing with his Ineos Grenadiers team members outside Bogota, Colombia where he had a horrific crash. He collided with a bus that left a big chunk of a dent on the vehicle. On his arrival at the Clinica Universidad de La Sabana, he was still stable


Giovanni Lonardi Achieves Stunning Clàssica Comunitat Valenciana Victory

Giovanni Lonardi has just won his first race of the European Road Season, winning the Clàssica Comunitat Valenciana (1969) is no easy feat but the Italian soared through the tracks with an amazing sprint. His performance left behind powerful racers like Chris Lawless and Amaury Capiot. This impressive victory is Lonardi’s first after joining the


Tiesj Benoot Believes That Jumbo-Visma Will Bring Out The Best In Him

Tiesj Benoot, the Belgian Cyclist has joined Team Jumbo-Visma and is now more than happy, plans to bring out the best in him. He has also expressed his excitement and gratitude, looks forward to working with Van Aert. He firmly believes that now as the teams are different, he can form a really strong tag


Vuelta al Tachira Plagued By Flooding, Riders Faced Extreme Difficulties

During the Stage 2 Conclusion of the Vuelta al Tachira in Bolivia, Venezuela, many riders crashed and inflicted injuries due to deep water flooding. The organizers of the event now face heavy criticism for routing the event without proper knowledge and in these circumstances. The 2022 Vuelta al Tachira is the 57th edition of the


COVID-19 Vaccine Made Mandatory For Professionals To Compete In France

As the COVID-19 Omicron variant spreads across the world furiously, France has taken new measures to protect the citizens. With the new vaccination bill implemented, it will be necessary for professional athletes to have the COVID-19 vaccination if they wish to compete in France. The news comes from the French Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu, she


Australian Road Nationals: James Whelan Motivated About Returning To WorldTour

Cycling Competitions such as the Australian Road Nationals are fertile ground for making a name for yourself while also catching the attention of international teams. These races also attract international teams that select lucky racers for sponsorships and enrollments. Hoping for a strong a bright future, James Whelan is one of those riders that are

Israel Premier Tech

Israel Premier Tech Aims To Better The World, Agenda More Than Bike Races

Israel Premier Tech– The UCI World Team has finally revealed that through their performance they plan to mark Israel’s spot on the world, one of their main goals is to improve the world and focus on bike races. Their goals are certainly ambitious, as stated at the official launch of the team on 13th January

Tour De France

Uno-X Expecting 2022 Tour De France Wildcard Invitation

Uno-X has finally revealed that they are aiming for this year’s Tour De France Wildcard Invitation, this was expected because the team loves challenges is at the forefront of any competitive opportunity. Being ambitious is like the second nature of Uno-X, although the WorldTour is still expected in 2023, they eagerly want a spot there

Rohan Dennis Interview

Rohan Dennis Finally Spills The Beans About Leaving Ineos Grenadiers

Rohan Dennis, the Australian Professional Racing Cyclist has finally revealed why he shifted to Jumbo-Visma from Ineos Grenadiers for 2022. Dennis revealed that the shift is because Jumbo-Visma is original than Ineos Grenadiers and also better. Although he made the shift, he could not be there for the Jumbo-Visma presentation held in Spain. Dennis traveled

Tinker Juarez

Tinker Juarez The 2-Time Olympian Joins Floyd Landis’s New Racing Team

The Former Professional road and racing cyclist Floyd Landis is returning to the world of cycling, and this time he is not alone but joined by the 2-time Olympian David “Tinker” Juarez. Landis’s CBD-product company Floyd’s of Leadville will actually be sponsoring a mountain bike and gravel bike racing team and Tinker Juarez will be

Nasa Birch

Track Cycling National Champion Christina Birch To Be Making Her Way To Space

We all know about Christina Birch, the former 11-time track cycling national champion. Well, she has been handpicked by NASA to be in 2021’s class.  On December 6, NASA announced the new 10 candidates that will be enlisted in 2021’s class and Christina Birch is amongst them. According to NASA’s press release, this is the