Ineos Grenadiers Rider Brandon Rivera Crashes In Colombia The Same Week As Egan Bernal

Brandon Rivera has "suffered a fractured and dislocated elbow, and has dislocated his AC joint."

Brandon Rivera

It hasn’t even been a whole week, Egan Bernal is still recovering from the horrific crash that occurred during the start of this week and another Ineos Grenadiers rider crashed while training in Colombia, Brandon Rivera has suffered serious injuries and has been admitted to the same hospital as Bernal.

Rivera was reportedly training in the same area where Bernal crashed and was also part of his team. It seems quite strange as the team would have favored precaution after the tragedy that befell Bernal but another Ineos Grenadiers rider met with a terrible accident.



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The news was reported by Noticias RCN, apparently, Brandon Rivera was tended by the paramedics first and then he was taken to Clinica Universidad La Sabana, this is the same hospital where Egan Bernal is currently admitted. Right now, there is no official word behind the reason for the crash and the circumstances revolving around it.

Rivera’s training camp was in the Cundinamarca region of Colombia, this is where Egan Bernal was training too. 


The Ineos Grenadiers team was not able to train in peace while being in Colombia, first, the team dodged a reckless driver that almost going to hit them while being on the wrong side of the road, and now this. 

Although Egan Bernal’s injuries were very serious, he is now in the recovery stage, thanks to the dedicated care of the hospital and his undying strength. Our prayers go to Brandon Rivera, let’s hope that the team does not suffer any more tragedies.

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