The Recovery Journey Of Amy Pieters

Amy was originally admitted to a hospital in  The Hague, from where she was later transferred to PZC (Dordrecht). Her recovery journey at PZC has met its end. 
Amy Pieters

Following an update on Amy Pieters, Team SD Worx commented that she is now transferred to Daan Theeuwes Centrum, a facility center for intensive neurorehabilitation in the Netherlands. Amy was originally admitted to a hospital in  The Hague, from where she was later transferred to PZC (Dordrecht). Her recovery journey at PZC has met its end. 



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SD Worx released an update regarding the switch which read:

At the PZC Amy has had good and loving care. Together with Amy, they have worked hard to be allowed to move on to the Daan Theeuwes Centrum. This goal has now been achieved. Amy can go to the Daan Theeuwes Centrum! We thank PZC for this and are happy that Amy was able to achieve this goal together with them

Amy met a tragic crash while she was training in Calpe (Spain).  She suffered from a traumatic brain injury. The doctors put her in a medically-induced coma after performing a brain surgery. Amy has shown great progression ever since recovering from the coma in March. 

She is now able to recognize people and perform different tasks with every passing day. Amy was able to relieve advance treatment with the donations she had received. It also made it possible for her to travel for the purpose of receiving treatment. SD Worx thanked everyone for their generosity which played a huge part in the recovery journey of the rider. They said:

In the past period, in addition to the care provided by the PZC, a lot of adjustments and possibilities have been offered thanks to your donations. The municipality and other authorities can only offer help within the rules if someone fully finished all treatments

It continued to read:

Although this is understandable, it also immediately ensures that when we want to take care of Amy at home during the weekends, this is almost impossible.We are therefore greatly helped and benefit from the necessary help and the necessary aids that Amy needs to be able to be home during the weekends. 

People were kind enough to give her a special chair, bed lift, and a wheelchair among other things which have made things a little easier to manage. As mentioned in the update:

A wheelchair-car van is also provided. This means that Amy can be picked up and brought back in at the weekend, she can sleep at home and be cared for. Due to these tools Amy can really be at home on the weekends. Thanks to your donations, a shower cabin has now also been placed downstairs, so that Amy can now also enjoy a wonderful shower during the weekends. 

The team showed their support for the rider by wearing customized jerseys at Tour de France Femmes stage one. This gesture marked that the 31-yer-old is still a crucial part of the team. Amy continues to progress every day owing to the donations made to her cause.  Although her right side remains paralyzed, She can now take steps. Her friends, family, and especially her team is grateful to everyone who contributed to her cause and also to those who prayed for her. As SD Worx said in their statement:

We remain grateful to you every day, because only through your help and donations all this is already possible. Thank you very much!



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