Amy Pieters Makes Progress After A Coma

"She woke up at a very low level.Very slowly that has improved in recent months"

Amy Pieters

Amy Pieters suffered a heart-wrenching crash while training at a camp in Spain. It has been 6 months since the incident and her family unveiled that she is making better progress. Amy was in a coma for 3 months, but Peter, her father, commented that she is making slow progress. He told the news:

She is convalescing in Dordrecht, but she is now home on the weekends, they will bring her on Friday and we will bring her back on Sunday evening. That is very nice now. And that is also good for her, you notice that well.

Pieters is still paralyzed from her right side as a result of the crash. Her father said that she is taking little steps toward recovery and although it is a long way to go, they are willing to go to all lengths to help their daughter. He commented on the current condition of the rider:

She woke up at a very low level. There was very little reaction from her. Very slowly that has improved in recent months



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He further said:

First she had to learn to breathe on her own, then she had to learn to eat and now she actually eats with us. The next step is that she learns to talk

While Stig Broeckx also suffered from brain damage, the conditions of recovery are different for everyone. He began to show some signs of recovery after four months of the crash, and was even able to ride a stationary bike after a year. Her father was told by the doctors that:

They tell us that if ten patients come in with exactly the same injury, they will be treated in ten different ways.

While this journey is full of ambiguities, all our prayers are with the Women’s WorldTeam SD Worx ridder. Her fans want her to recover from the horrible incident just as much as her family, But all we can do is wait.



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