Egan Bernal Makes An Extraordinary Recovery Ahead Of Tour of Denmark

Egan Bernal's closest family had a big role to play in his recovery, especially his girlfriend.

Egan Bernal

The much-awaited return of Egan Bernal is finally happening and fans cannot help but get too excited with this joyous news. The Ineos Grenadiers rider has been absent from any event ever since he crashed while training in winter for the  Tour of Denmark.



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It took him almost eight months to recover from the horrific crash in which he suffered from seriously lethal injuries. While training at Columbia, he crashed into a bus and fractured his vertebrae. It was not sure if he would even survive let alone be back on the bike. His return is no less than a miracle since he had to undergo multiple surgeries

While speaking about the horrors he had to undergo, Bernal said:

I can’t emphasise enough how hard the last eight months have been for me, both physically and mentally. That day, and the journey that I have been on since will be a part of me forever, it’s something you never forget

Even though it was such a big tragedy, Bernal couldn’t wait to get back on his bike and join his teammates:

After what happened to me in January this has been the moment I’ve been waiting for – to race with my teammates again

Bernal’s closest relations had a very big role to play on his journey to recovery. He stayed in the hospital for almost two weeks and returned home in early February. He could only walk carefully while wearing a neck and a back brace. By the start of March, he was able to exercise on the indoor bike and with the start of April, he was riding on the road again. 



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Ever since he has made a remarkably quick recovery. His performance at Andorra’s training camp further proved that he is ready to race again. Rod Ellingworth, the team’s principal said to the media while talking about his recovery:

He’s shown the world the true strength of his character, and demonstrated remarkable grit in returning to race-readiness. We’re still on a journey with Egan, but lining up at the Tour of Denmark is a significant and hard-earned milestone

The upcoming five-day event of the Tour of Denmark will mark the return of Egan Bernal. The exciting Tour will consist of a time trial of 12km, two bunch sprints, gravel sectors, and a challenging climb to mark the finish.

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