Egan Bernal Makes First Sprint Past Injury

"I want to ride all the races next year that I haven't been able to do this year"

Egan Bernal

Egan Bernal underwent many surgeries as a result of a crash in January. The crash happened when the rider was training. He suffered from 20 broken bones and 2 collapsed lungs. He had to endure seven surgeries before he could begin his journey to recovery.

The 25-year-old documented the whole process of recovery, thus allowing his fans to be a part of his progress. His posts depict every milestone he has achieved, from being able to walk without needing support to riding an immobilized training bike.



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The Ineos Grenadiers rider stunned his fans by completing his first run in the last five months. Since January, this is the first time that the rider has achieved to do so. It took him 3 hours and thirty-four minutes to complete a climb of 1,854 meters and 86 km in total, with his maximum speed remaining at 66kph. This shows that he is giving his best to make a full comeback.

Egan took to Twitter to announce his First Sprint


He acknowledges the hard work he will have to put in, in order to face the difficulty of him returning to his old self, or maybe even better. He said in his post:

Difficult does not mean impossible. It means that you are going to have to work hard

Even though The Colombian is not taking it easy, still he asked his fans to remain patient with him as making a comeback from such a major injury is not achieved overnight. Even though his fans want to see him compete in 2022, Egan will not get back on the saddle until he feels fully fit to do so. His main focus is now on 2023.

Egan Bernal remains ambitious to compete in the year 2023, as can be ascertained from what he said.

I want to ride all the races next year that I haven’t been able to do this year

We wish the diligent athlete a speedy recovery so that we can see more of him soon.

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