Egan Bernal Asks Fans To Remain Patient As Recovery Continues: “There is more of Egan to come”

"I wanted to wear the team jersey again. I have always been proud wearing the Ineos kit and to do this event with them makes me feel like a cyclist again."
Bernal Road To Recovery

It has been a long while since Egan Bernal’s horrific accident, and he has made quite a recovery since then. In the video series, documenting Bernal’s road to recovery titled ‘Egan Bernal: The Best Day of my Life’, Bernal has shared quite the updates.

The video series is very elaborative, and Bernal is grateful for all the support his followers and people have shown him. He has shared some insight into when he will be returning to his bike again, and also reflects back on the accident that turned his life upside down.


On April 2, Bernal completed a Zwift ride with fans, it was an invigorating experience as it showed beaming support. Egan feels really good after that, he even said that it was the best day of his life, that event showed him what it meant to be a cyclist, it made him want to return to professional cycling.

Egan Bernal said:

The Ride with Egan event was really special. Because it was the first time I rode with the fans, with the people that followed me and wanted to know how I was. In some ways, that made me feel important for the team again.

I wanted to wear the team jersey again. I have always been proud wearing the Ineos kit and to do this event with them makes me feel like a cyclist again.

Egan knows that there are a lot of questions on everyone’s minds, especially his fans. He has urged his fans to remain patient, he will return to cycling when he is able. 

There is more of Egan to come. Wait for me, I’ll be back racing soon.

Bernal was also showing gratitude to the world for supporting him after the fateful crash. He thanked his fans for helping him recover.

All the people that were there for me, that saw me on the stretcher, that help me bear the pain, that spoon fed me, that even helped me go to the bathroom – all the amazing small things from people, I will remember them forever.

Seeing that it has only been three months since Egan Bernal was met with a life-changing crash, his road to recovery is impressive, to say the least. From having the surgeries to having a Zwift ride with fans, Bernal has surely come very far. We know that it won’t be long before we see him riding on his bike again.



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