Uno-X Women’s Team Show Off Their Dazzling New Kit In Spain

With their new and improved kits, the women of Uno-X feel extremely motivated

Uno X Kit

A cycling team is incomplete with kits, and if the kit is attractive then it definitely brings out the best in riders, same is the case with Uno-X that have just unveiled their new kit. The women of Uno-X were seen on the shores of the Spanish Sea, posing as a beloved family and showcasing their new and improved kits. The yellow and red jerseys certainly bring out the best in them. Team-building doesn’t just happen instantly, it comes from within and the women of Uno-X achieved this through dedication and care for each other.

One of the most innovative aspects of Uno-X is that their team is marketed by themselves, they are not slaves to the generic sponsorship model, this is what sets them apart from other teams. This shows how much the company has progressed, Uno-X is now also investing in hydrogen energy, this is certainly a step towards greatness as it tries to go beyond. Their concern for climate change and how they used to be a chain of fuel stations in Norway and Denmark certainly shows how far they have come.



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Apart from the kits, there have been other adjustments as well, the team has been stacking up with impressive riders. The newly formed women’s team is expected to ride as proud members of the women’s World Tour and it won’t be long till we see them in action.

The new lineup of riders is strong, it is a beautiful balance of the young and the experienced. Some of the new riders of the team are World-Hour Record Holder Joss Lowden, Hannah Barnes, Suzanne Anderson, and even Olympic champion Elinor Barker. Each rider from the team has their own ambitions and goals, but they have aligned themselves, they ride as one and will certainly achieve their goals as one. Lars Bak, the 2012 Giro d’Italia winner will be overseeing the women’s team.

Even the team’s General Manager Jens Haugland has emphasized the creation of a supportive team environment. Winning races and making sure that the team has a family-like bond is one of the main missions of the management. Equal salary has also been announced by Haugland, the women’s division should have the same or above their male counterparts.

Although according to the UCI regulations, women’s World Tour minimum wage is €20,000 while for men’s wage is €32,102. Even after these regulations, Jens Haugland has promised an equal pay structure for all riders, regardless of their gender.

 Apart from the pay structure, other benefits will also be given to the team, one of the biggest highlights is the maternity leave. Elinor Barker’s contract was honored ahead of her pregnancy, the team will support her fully till she rides back in 2023. These are just some of the improvements that we will be seeing, hopefully, Uno-X grows to be one of the best cycling teams in the world.

The team has heart, and they most certainly have the skill, we can’t wait to see them in action and what the future holds for them.

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