Filippo Ganna Seeking To Explore Possibilities Beyond Time Trials In 2022

“I’ve spoken about it with the team. This year, I’ll have my own opportunities too, I’ll have more carte blanche, with the team at my disposal,”
Filippo Ganna

Filippo Ganna is expecting to enjoy more freedom and will explore more opportunities beyond just time trials in 2022. He is world champion in time trials but now he has set his eyes on something far bigger, he will also be handling the mantle of team leader for Ineos Grenadiers.

Etoile des Bessèges will mark the start of the cycling season for the Italian Cyclist, who will then move on to other races and tours. He won the penultimate stage last year, this year he aims to do better extend beyond his comfort zone. 



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Ganna said during an interview,

I’ve spoken about it with the team. This year, I’ll have my own opportunities too, I’ll have more carte blanche, with the team at my disposal. (h/t La Gazzetta dello Sport)

A calendar has been designed for me, to make the most of my characteristics. There will be nice opportunities to show that I’m not ‘simply’ a time trialist or a track rider.

There are other things in store for Ganna, after Etoile des Bessèges, he is scheduled for the UAE Tour, Paris-Nice, Milan-San Remo, and finally Paris-Roubaix. Although these races are not a walk in the park, they have strict requirements, both mental and physical that Ganna will have to adhere to.

Ganna said,

To take on Paris-Roubaix, I’m working more than normal on my abdominal muscles and the upper part of the body. Once that’s done, I’ll have to lose some kilos ahead of the Tour.

My physique is in an ‘up and down’ phase, which is normal in this period. I’ll never be a climber of 70-75kg, it would be unnatural, I can’t allow myself to do it. But Cancellara, when he was in yellow, weighed more than 80kg and he defended himself well more than once on the climbs

We’ll see. For me, it’s a ‘new’ year. I’ll do less track, but I might do the European Championships in Munich in August, to score points for the Olympics.

Ganna is also aiming at the Tour De France in July, his spirits are high and he aims to make a difference for his career this time. He was also tight-lipped about his other plans, although he has signed on with Ineos Grenadiers with two more seasons, it is highly likely that his contract will be extended.

He also expressed tons of support for his teammate Egan Bernal who crashed last week and suffered multiple life-threatening injuries. 

He has always come back from the problems he has had, and I’m convinced he’ll do it again this time.

Filippo Ganna has his eyes aimed at bigger scores than just time trials, he also plans to stay longer with Ineos Grenadiers. Although the cycling season is just beginning, there are plenty of surprises ahead of us!

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