Egan Bernal Stable and Conscious, Showing “Signs” Of Mobility After Major Surgery

"The patient adequately tolerated the extubation protocol without any complications. At this time, he is conscious, with mobility of all four extremities".
Egan Bernal Recovery

After his successful surgery, Egan Bernal is in a stable condition and conscious. The Ineos Grenadier rider is even showing faint signs of mobility which is a really good sign, considering the nature of his surgery. The doctors have also removed the tube from Bernal’s throat that helped him breathe during the course of the surgery.

Clinica Universidad de La Sabana gave the latest update on Egan Bernal’s condition,

As the hours have passed, the patient has had an excellent response to treatment and the doses of inotropy have been decreased.

The patient adequately tolerated the extubation protocol without any complications. At this time, he is conscious, with mobility of all four extremities.

Ventilatory support and inotropic support were monitored and adjusted. In addition to this, antimicrobial and antithrombotic prophylaxis was carried out. Also, he was given fluid and electrolyte management. The aforementioned includes further advancement in post-operative evolution.

At the start of this week, Bernal was met with a horrific crash while training in Colombia, he suffered severe injuries including a fractured femur, kneecap, punctured lung, also several fractured ribs. Bernal underwent the major surgery twice, although that was to counter the fractured vertebrae which posed a real danger to his spinal cord, otherwise, there would have been permanent damage.

The Hospital stated,

The neurosurgery team carried out a reduction of a displaced fracture from the T5 [vertebra] to the T6 [vertebra] with a traumatic herniated disc.

The interdisciplinary team will continue its dedication to taking the best care of everything that the patient’s current medical condition entails.

Bernal will remain in intensive care for the next 72-96 hours. Support from all over the world has been pouring down for Egan Bernal, his friends, family, fans, all have showered countless prayers and messages. #FuerzaEgan has been trending on social media to show love and support for Bernal.

We wish Egan Bernal a very speedy recovery and can’t wait for him to show us his amazing riding skills again.

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