Introducing The Sno-Go Ski Bike: The Perfect MTB For Winter Adventures

With the All-New Sno-Go Winter MTB Bike, your winters are going to become a lot more adventurous. Let's see what this new ski-bike hybrid has to offer!

Winter is almost upon us and you know what that means… cozy times and crazy adventures. For many cyclists, winter is a hibernation period, but it really doesn’t need to be this way. What if we told you that you could do some really good mountain biking in this winter season, not just any kind of riding though, we are thinking of adding a little snowboarding to it too. If this has piqued your interest, which I am sure it has, you need to check out the newest bikes from Sno-Go!

Whenever winter approaches, we think about snowboarding and skiing but we have never thought about mountain biking. Of course, proper mountain biking wasn’t possible in the winter, until now. Sno-Go has presented its amazing lineup of hybrid snowboarding MTB bikes which will make everyone’s jaw drop. We are pleased to introduce you to the Ripple, the Shift, and Shifted from Sno-Go. Actually based in Salt Lake City, Sno-Go is the leader in Snow Bikes and this time they have done something remarkable!

Sno-Go isn’t just a popular company, they are also endorsed by PSIA-AASI, do you know what this means though? This means that they have the only ANSI-compliant, chairlift-accessible ski bikes in the market.

Skiing and snowboarding are difficult sports, you must train for several weeks to get the hang of it, this has been backed by Sno-Go too. Snow Biking on the other hand is relatively easy, you can easily learn it in a day if you put your heart into it. Sno-Go’s marketing director had this to say: 

We are beyond stoked to produce this range of new models and offer everyone from seasoned Sno-Go enthusiasts to those new to snogoing a truly better experience. Our expanded line of bikes simply allows more people to get hooked on snogoing.

Now, it is time to take a look at the three new bike models from Sno-Go.

1. Sno-Go Shift 

Price: MSRP $2,499

Colors Available: Mauve, Dark Mode, Blue Steel, Rustfire

Sno Go Shift
Credits@ Sno-Go

Here is the refreshed and revamped Shift, the flagship model from Sno-Go. Apart from the base model, it offers amazing upgrades to enhance the rider’s experience. What are these upgrades that I am talking about? Let’s start with the ANSI-compliant EZ-Load bar and a spine guard. Features like these protect the bike from any kind of collision, especially while moving in a chairlift.

Other notable features are an improved rear chassis and an aluminum alloy frame. 

Feature Description
EZ-Load Bar Secure chairlift loading with HyveX composite technology
Spine Guard Added protection during chairlift loading
G4 Components Forged aluminum alloy blend with S.L.A.T.® – Synchronized Lateral Articulation Tech
Tool-Less Quick Release Easy transport and storage
Ski Compatibility All-mountain equipped ski; powder ski compatible
Adjustable Stem Fully adjustable stem to optimize rider fit
Rider Weight Range 100 – 250 lbs
Rider Height Range 5” – 6’3”
Suitable Terrain Green, Blue, Black, Double Black
Rider Level Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

2. Sno-Go Ripple 

Price: MSRP $1,999

Colors Available: Mauve, Blue Steel

Sno Go Ripple

The Sno-Go Shift is for regular and mature riders if you are a teen and are looking for something light then I would suggest that you go with the Sno-Go Ripple. Don’t worry this bike is actually made for casual and nimble rides, you will still be having a lot of fun with it. This one is made with lightweight HyveX performance components which are then joined with a fixed stem. You have to keep in mind that the Ripple is actually made for teens and casual rides. 

The Ripple includes an EZ Load Bar which can accommodate riders with a height of 5′ tall to 5’10” and 150 lbs weight. 

Feature Description
Plush carving and control delivered by S.L.A.T. High-performance skiing experience
Tool-Less Quick Release Easy transport and storage
EZ-Load Bar Secure chairlift loading with HyveX composite technology
Spine Guard Added protection during chairlift loading
Skis Type All-mountain-equipped skis; not approved for powder skis
Rider Weight Range 90-150 lbs; max rider weight is 150 lbs
Rider Height Range 5″ – 5’10”
Skill Level Beginner, Intermediate

3. Sno-Go Shifted

Price: MSRP $3,599

Colors Available: Rustfire, Dark Mode

Sno Go Shifted

So we talked about regular experiences and beginner experiences, but now it is time to talk about a strictly premium experience. If you are a professional snow biker and want to experience something truly special, then I want you to try out the Sno-Go Shifted. It features all the improvements that you will get in the Shift model but there are some differences. For example, the Shifted features a top-tier FOX 34 Float Factory suspension fork. All the other notable components like stem, bars, and grips are handled by the MTB Brand Deity Components. 

With all these new improvements, the bike actually becomes lighter, but the construction still remains responsive and resilient. If you want an aggressive riding experience, then you already know which bike to get.

Component/Feature Description
Front Suspension Fork Top-tier Fox 34 Float Factory
Cockpit Components Deity fixed cockpit (bar, stem, grips)
Chairlift Loading EZ-Load Bar with HyveX composite technology
Protection Spine Guard for added protection from the chairlift
Chassis Material Forged aluminum alloy blend within G4 chassis components
Articulation Technology S.L.A.T.® – Synchronized Lateral Articulation Tech
Quick Release Toolless Quick Release for easy transport and storage
Ski Compatibility Customizable build with Powder skis or All-mountain skis
Rider Weight Range 100 – 250 lbs
Rider Height Range (50 mm rise) 5” – 5’6”
Rider Height Range (80 mm rise) 5’6” – 6’3”
Terrain Blue, Black, Double Black
Skill Level Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

For more information about Sno-Go, click here.

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Featured Image Via Sno-Go

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