Transform Your Family’s Commute with Fabriga Modula: The Ultimate Modular Cargo E-Bike

Electric bikes and electric cargo bikes in particular have exploded in popularity over the recent years. You don't need to use a vehicle every time now, just simply use electric cargo bikes to transport almost everything. Got you excited right? You need to try out the Fabriga Modula, the ultimate modular cargo bike for every type of family!
Fabriga Modula

Two-wheelers are in great demand these days. Banking on that incredible demand, Italian bike manufacturer Fabriga Cycles have launched the Fabriga Modula, a foldable electric modular cargo bike. Why do you need to be excited about this bike? Well for starters, it is reliable, durable, and completely foldable but that isn’t even the best part about this bike. Sold on the basis of its modularity, the Fabriga Modular can cater to any and every demand of the modern dynamic family lifestyle!

If you know about Fabriga Cycles, you might have seen or even tried out their popular bike, The Grazilla Motobus. That one was a great bike but it had problems, but Fabriga saw the problems and worked on the Fabriga Modula for three years before unveiling it. We got to see the bike in person and were really impressed by it, it has an ultra-modular design. It also features a three-section frame assembly which comprises of steering, motor compartment, and the tail, I have to say that the tail is perhaps the biggest innovation in Fabriga’s history.

What Inspired The Fabriga Modular?

The main reason behind the launch of Fabriga Modular is to cater to the needs and different lifestyles of a family. As you can see, the bike’s tail has been designed on two levels to accommodate children of different ages. For example, if you have children that are up to four years then they can be carried in the middle of the frame, this can be done without any problems. When these children grow, they can be moved to the upper level which is just above the rear wheels. 

Planning on using the Fabriga for a more compact and urban ride? You can easily replace the Fabriga Modula’s tail with a shorter one. Want more from the bike? There is even a double-decker option available, this one shifts the frame to the upper levels and fits an extra wide and long deck which you can use for making deliveries. 

Going Further With Adaptability 

You have to know that the loading compartment of this bike is just great, it is 115 cm (45.3 inches). With just a few adjustments here and there, you will be able to transform this cargo bike into a kid carrier, there are not a lot of bikes in the market these days that offer this level of adaptability. So if you are a family and are also looking for cargo bikes, then the Fabriga Modular is the one to go for!

When the bike is not in use, you can easily store or transport it. This electric bike can easily be folded down to 150 cm (60 inches). Another great aspect of this bike is that all of its accessories like the footrests, stainless steel teddy bears, etc can be folded down easily. 

Unique Construction 

I am honestly impressed by the Fabriga Modular, it even has a unique motor cradle that allows the rider to install any kind of mid-drive motor and use it for pedal assistance, this enhances the customization options. That’s not where the fun and adaptability stop, you can even fit a non-e-bike bottom bracket here if you wanted. This allows for amazing flexibility down the road, you can make so many changes to this bike with the help of a skilled mechanic. 

Pricing and Availability 

Officially unveiled at the Cargo Bike Summit in London on March 31, the Fabriga Modular will be available from September 2023. You can get the standard version of the bike for $3,050 (€2,770). If you want the high-end version, then that will set you back $5,470 (€4,970).

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Featured Image Via/Fabriga Cycles

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