How to Plan A Cycling Training Program For Disabled Children

Disabled children cycling

I teach a bicycle mechanics program to children and teens with developmental and mental disabilities. My knowledge of bicycle mechanics stems first from my love of riding bicycles. I began commuting by bike in college 8 years ago and I have been doing it ever since. While moving around the country I was constantly taking … Read more

How To Change Owning A Bike Shop Into A Profitable Business

bike shop owner selling bikes

Bike shops are a time-honored business that can thrive in most local markets. Most cycling enthusiasts invest in their bike shops, seeing it as the best way to monetize their passion. However, being enthusiastic about cycling and bikes won’t turn your bike shop into a success story. While knowing about cycling and bike models is … Read more

Expert Biker Tips On How To Find Good Cheap Mountain Bikes

Now this is an article I was born to write. Finding a good cheap mountain bike is one of my strengths. I firmly believe that within reason nothing, not even a tight budget, should hold anyone back from getting their hands on a really good cheap mountain bike. The world is full of great options … Read more

Cyclocross Bikes Vs Gravel Bikes-12 Main Differences

Cyclocross Bikes Vs Gravel Bikes

Ever since cycling started evolving, gravel riding has become more famous. But each new trend brings up new difficulties. Don’t you agree? And with this trend, we are faced with a new question. What is better? Cyclocross Bikes or Gravel Bikes?  Which one might be the best one for you?  There is no definite answer … Read more

Women vs Men Bikes: 8 Main Differences Explained!

Women vs Men Bike

When cycling started to make its way as a means of transport in society, the designs were quite simple. With time, this design was involved. Creators started to add a more “Feminine” touch if I might say. This was because of the ongoing research on the female anatomy. This research proved that women, on average, … Read more

How To Start Bicycle Commuting- Pedal Your Way To A Greener Commute

Happy Woman Bicycle Commuting

Bicycle commuting has many health benefits. Not to forget, A cycle is less expensive than a car. It reduces your carbon footprint and saves money on transportation costs. You will be surprised to know that the average cost of owning a car in the United States is $9,000 in contrast to owning a bicycle which … Read more

Bianchi Impulso RC: A Fusion Race-Winning Gravel Bike!

Impulso Rc

Bianchi, the UK-based Italian brand has been bringing creativity to the cycling world since 1885. You might think 13 decades of innovation would be enough but let me stop you right there! Bianchi Impulso has blown our witts by introducing their new gravel bike targeting racing! Yes, you heard it right! A race-winning gravel bike! … Read more

11 Reasons Why Your Bike Is So Hard to Pedal With Solutions!

Bicycle Woes Cyclist Fixing The Bike

Do you know what’s frustrating? When you are ready to hit the road but the bicycle just refuses to budge! What’s wrong with your bike? Why won’t it move? Well, the most common reason why your bike won’t pedal forward is because either your bike is Poorly Maintained or you have Rusted Crank Arms to … Read more

Best Electric Bikes Under $3000 In 2024- A Guide For A Perfect Ride

Top Electric Bikes Under $3000

Owning an electric bike does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. While a $3000 bike is not going to get you a top-of-the-line electric bike, it certainly will fulfill your electric biking dreams. There might be a few things that you will have to compromise on, but it is nothing that will … Read more

Titanium vs Carbon Fiber Bikes: Choosing The Better Option!

Titanium vs Carbon Fiber

Should you go with a titanium bike or a carbon fiber bike? Well, that’s a good one! Both of them have their pros and cons and the right answer to this question depends on your choice. When we talk about titanium or a carbon fiber bike, we are referring to the frame of the bike.  … Read more

Bike Of The Future: What is The Future of Cycling?

Future of Cycling

Do you remember watching the Jetsons when you were little? They showed a fantastic future, with robotic maids, flying cars and so much more. How do you envision the future of bicycles? I mean, we already have amazing electric bikes, but have you ever wondered what’s next? What Are The New Trends In The Bicycle … Read more

Luxury Titanium Road Bike Collaboration: Cycling Ceramic and Rocket Bikes Join Forces

Cycling Ceramic

Cyclic Ceramic, which is a famous French brand known for its ceramic bearing, and an Australian brand, Rocket Bikes, renewed for its titanium frames, have joined hands to create the Rocket Granite, a superbike unique for its low-fiction and streamlined design. These brands collaborated to create a luxurious road bike. They did not shy with … Read more

Top 10 Best Electric Road Bikes For All Riders

Top Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes have an electric motor that assists them with functioning. This motor can be a rear hub motor or can be fitted in the bottom bracket of the bike. The world has accepted e-bikes because of their versatility and usefulness. You can use them for fast commuting or ride them for fitness, electric … Read more

The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2024 For Hauling!

Electric Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes have been around since the 1800s when they were used by merchants in Holland to deliver and move their goods around the country. The idea seems to have stuck over the years, so these businessmen must have been on to something. People today are looking for the best electric cargo bike to easily … Read more

Cities Where Bicycles Outnumber Cars!

Cities Bicycles Outnumber Cars

The fact that there are more bikes than vehicles in Amsterdam makes it one of the most famous cities in the world and no doubt the most interesting one too. This historic city has long embraced a way of life that is more eco-friendly, wholesome, and effective.Amsterdam’s bike culture is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced … Read more

Unveiling The Three Complete Builds By Chromag, Switching To Full Suspension


For a long time, Chromag manufactured their famous hardtail mountain bikes in British Columbia, Canada. Next, it expanded its product offerings to include apparel and hardware. The concept of developing a totally suspended bike was discussed multiple times when the freeride and downhill communities in and around the Whistler establishment got fully suspended. However, the … Read more

Black Friday 2022 Bike Deals: Where To Find Amazing Bike Deals This Year

Black Friday 2022 Bike Deals

Black Friday is nearly upon us (A week to go!), but that isn’t stopping famous retailers from offering stellar pre-deals on everything about bikes. These are not mega sales but are still very impressive and we will cover only the best deals for you. If you are looking for some amazing deals on cycling computers, … Read more

Best Folding Bikes For Travel – Fold and Go (Updated 2024)

Best Folding Bikes

Planning a vacation but can’t carry much with you? Are you moving into a brand new studio, the amazing kind that you always wanted, but it has limited space? Are you worried about what will happen to your bikes? I have got some good news for you. One answer to all your storage issues- Folding … Read more

17 Best Bikes For Heavy Riders (Summer Updated 2024)

Best Bikes For Heavy Riders

Cycling is a joy that everyone must enjoy, it should be cherished without any kind of restrictions. With a bike, you can easily get from point A to point B in no time and enjoy that journey. It also helps a lot in losing weight. Riders that are old or heavy feel this joy in … Read more

30 Best Bike Brands In The Cycling World

Best Bike Brands

Whenever we set out to make a purchase, different factors influence our buying decisions. Sure, we check the quality and keep in mind the price and our budget. But the very first thing that prompts us to consider the product in the first place is the “Brand Name”.  Brand image and association are the main … Read more

Giant Bikes Review: Your Guide To Buying The Best Giant Bike

Giant Bikes are famous because they offer comparative comfort, durability, and stability. In my research on Giant Bikes, I observed that their standover, convenience, and performance are the primary qualities bikers look for when purchasing them. They have a bike for everyone. For example, I love the Giant Bikes for their strength, attractiveness, and ease of … Read more

Are You Thinking About Buying a Carbon Wheelset For Your Road Bike?

carbon wheel bicycle

There are certain undeniable facts when it comes to carbon fiber. Since 2000, carbon fiber bikes have won every major event. And like most introductions of new materials and designs, the later iterations have only gotten better. Carbon fiber wheelsets are light, aero, and considerably much more expensive than their aluminum counterparts. They look great … Read more

The 13 Different Types of Bikes You Need To Know About In 2024

Based on my experience, there are 13 different types of bikes you should know. I left off a few from this list because they might be a subcategory of one of these others or they may just not be super important. For example, beach cruisers may be a fun way to ride on Saturdays down … Read more

Should Electric Mountain Bikes Be Illegal?

Electric mountain bikes have taken the world of cycling by storm. They are equipped with robust suspension systems and wider tires to provide stability and traction on rough terrain. The electric motor assists the rider’s pedaling, making it easier to climb hills and conquer challenging trails. But how do E-bikes fit in the big wide … Read more

14 Shocking Reasons Why Walmart Bikes Are Only for Kids

Walmart supermarket

Are Walmart bikes only for kids? The answer is Yes. Walmart Bikes have Lower Quality, making them more suitable for only Casual Riding. This limits their Terrain Variety and Walmart has a One-Size-Fit-All approach, which isn’t very helpful in my experience. The bike is only as good as it fits you, I have learned it from … Read more

10 Auto Bikes That Cost More Than Your Car

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better than this, you find out that car manufacturers have begun to branch out into bikes. In reality, carmakers have been producing and branding bikes for over 15 years. Mercedes-Benz started this trend by branding an AMP mountain bike. The bike could be folded into a suitcase … Read more

How to Find the Best Entry Level Road Bike On a Budget

Two road bike riders

Congratulations on preparing to purchase your first road bicycle! While you may not be able to afford the likes of Chris Froome or Marianne Vos’ rides, you can identify some affordable and high-performance bicycles well within your budget. In fact, with the right combination of training and quality bike components, you may even have the … Read more

10 Pro Bike Commuting Tips For Beginners

Commuting by bike

Fellow commuters, I want to tell you something that you will rarely hear from drivers, pedestrians, public transit passengers, and politicians; thank you. Your commitment to pedaling to work every day contributes in big ways to improving the health and well-being of our communities. As someone who recognizes the valuable contributions you are making every … Read more