Wilier Filante SLR Ramato: Elevating Road Biking with Super Record Wireless Upgrade!

Filante Slr

The Filante SLR is already an amazing carbon road bike, but now it is getting the historical Ramato copper chrome paint job. Although that is not all, apart from the new paint job, it is also getting the ultimate Italian road bike finishing kit with an all-new Campagnolo Super Record Wireless update.  All of this … Read more

Luxury Titanium Road Bike Collaboration: Cycling Ceramic and Rocket Bikes Join Forces

Cycling Ceramic

Cyclic Ceramic, which is a famous French brand known for its ceramic bearing, and an Australian brand, Rocket Bikes, renewed for its titanium frames, have joined hands to create the Rocket Granite, a superbike unique for its low-fiction and streamlined design. These brands collaborated to create a luxurious road bike. They did not shy with … Read more

Best Cycling Headphones – Perfect Sound For Adventures (Review and Buying Guide 2023)

Best Cycling Headphones

Cycling is something that is both relaxing and competitive, it brings out the best in you while also enhancing your skills. The cycling headphones will not bring that much improvement to your riding experience if you look at them from one just one aspect but if you manage to find the perfect headphones with just … Read more

The Fezzari Veyo Aero Road Bike: Experience Unparalleled Comfort And Performance On All Your Rides

Fezzari Bike Title Image

The Fezzari Veyo Aero bike is a top pick if you are looking for a cutting-edge racing bike. Its unique design enables it to achieve maximum speed and display outstanding efficiency while riding. The frame of the bike is incredibly lightweight. Combined with complete carbon clincher wheels, tubeless-ready design, and Shimano 105 groupset, the Veyo … Read more

The Giant Propel Aero Road Bike Is Here To Take Wins Faster and Lighter Than Ever

Giant Propel Aero

Giant is known for making amazing bikes but with the Propel Aero Road Bike, they just crossed all the limits. With this bike, Dylan Groenewegen was able to have a stage win at the Tour De France. This is technological advancement purely, the Propel Aero is meant to be the lightest and fastest road bike … Read more

Introducing Enve Melee- The First Non-Custom Race Bike Of Its Kind

Enve Melee Bike

Custom-Road Bike Projects have become very famous amongst bike manufacturers and that is the same case with ENVE Composites. Thinking of starting the project back in 2021, they have now introduced their Melee Road Bike which is all set to defy odds. ENVE has tried to tinker with the modern road racing bike formula and … Read more

GMC Denali Road Bike Review (2023 Updated)

Gmc Denali Road Bike Review

Looking for an amazing entry-level road bike? We have got you covered with the GMC Denali Road bike! It is an entry-level bike that showcases performance in a very clear way, in terms of flexibility, the bike is available in three sizes- Small, Medium, and Large. If you are still confused about their size or … Read more

Top 50 Best Road Bike Brands (2023 Update)

Road Bike Brands

Urban cycling is shooting up in popularity and has been in recent years. It is one of the greenest and healthiest ways to get around the city. More people are cycling to work now than ever before, because of the rising prices of gas and insurance. Indeed, it is far cheaper to simply get a … Read more

Tubeless Bike Tires: Are They Worth The Change In 2023?

Tubeless Bike Tires

Tubeless bike tires have come to stay, but the questions most cyclists are asking are: Will tubeless bike tires become the norm for future bikers? It is fair to state that the tubeless technology is still in its infancy, there are plenty of updates and innovations tire makers can make on the existing types. With … Read more

The 12 Best Budget Road Bike Wheels – Lighter Wheels For Speedy Travel

It’s 2023, which means it’s time to upgrade the factory wheelset on your bike. Why? Because just about any wheelset will offer huge perks over the existing aging wheels on your bike. Here’s what you can look forward to: Improved performance and speed Enjoy durability Prevent problems brought on by wear and tear Braking ability … Read more

Read This Before Buying Used Bicycle Wheelsets

biking downhill

Buying second-hand or used bicycle wheels may seem like a really good option for anyone trying to upgrade their metal steed on a budget, but is it? There are bargains to be had out there on eBay and the like. But before you start crawling the Interbike for used bicycle wheelsets, make sure you know … Read more

Don’t Buy A New Road Bike, Change The Wheels

road biker and his wheels

Investing in a new bike in the hope you will be able to increase your average speed might work, but there are some other options out there. Some don’t involve parting with any money at all. Basic free upgrades include improving posture, working on your technical riding skills, and strengthening your core muscle groups. Working … Read more