Trek 1000 Review: How Does It Perform In 2023?

Trek 1000 Review

Many of us know Trek, a relatively young bicycle manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. Even though it is considered a young company, many cyclists adore it, including me, but why is that so? Trek is best known for two things: They have consistent rational thinking, when choosing to produce a type of bike … Read more

Giant vs. Trek Bikes: Which is The Best Option?

Trek vs. Giant Bikes

Giant and Trek bikes have both been in the game for a long time. Although the Trek bike brand has grown more rapidly, there is no denying the high quality that Giant bikes provide. Since both of these bike manufacturers are close competitors, it becomes really difficult to settle for one. I mean, we would … Read more

Stealth Logos: Check Out the Coolest Paint Schemes from the New Trek Project One Designer Series!


Talking about custom bicycles, with this week’s release of Trek Bicycles of Waterloo, Wisconsin, adds even more creative flair to its line of custom bicycles. The famous brand is adding brand-new designs to the Project One Designer Series to make it more diverse. With Project One; the custom program of Trek, a rider can choose … Read more

Top 50 Best Road Bike Brands (2023 Update)

Road Bike Brands

Urban cycling is shooting up in popularity and has been in recent years. It is one of the greenest and healthiest ways to get around the city. More people are cycling to work now than ever before, because of the rising prices of gas and insurance. Indeed, it is far cheaper to simply get a … Read more

30 Best Bike Brands for 2023 (Updated)

Best Bike Brands

Cycling is popular all over the world and is regarded as one of the best outdoor activities. As a highly valued hobby, it is only natural to seek out the most convenient bike for your needs. When shopping for a new bike, you’ll notice that there are an infinite number of bike brands, all with … Read more