Introducing Enve Melee- The First Non-Custom Race Bike Of Its Kind

The New Enve Melee Race Bike Is Here! Taking advantage of new mechanics and technology, the Enve Melee Road Bike will defy all odds and become the new face of a brand.
Enve Melee Bike

Custom-Road Bike Projects have become very famous amongst bike manufacturers and that is the same case with ENVE Composites. Thinking of starting the project back in 2021, they have now introduced their Melee Road Bike which is all set to defy odds.

ENVE has tried to tinker with the modern road racing bike formula and created something extraordinary here. This is a bike that is very responsive, aerodynamic, durable, and also comfortable to ride. All of the attributes have been ticked that will make for a wonderful experience. Integration is there, but the users can still customize their bike according to their preferences, ENVE has made sure to give the user a lot of freedom.

Through their many years of experience as components and frame manufacturers, they have now perfected their game. Having worked on, especially carbon fiber, they have given their best work yet in the form of the Melee Road Race Bike.



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The stiffness is there, and the protection is also there. This is the kind of bike that will make sure that the rider will love the journey and also feel protected always. The ENVE Melee is made for today’s racers!

Overall Construction and Feel

The Melee road bike is fitted with the company’s signature SES wheels, even the bike tube and shape have been altered to complement the wheels. This bike performs surprisingly well when we tested it at the speed of 30mph, it also did great at 20mph. You need to keep a balance here and everything will be sorted out on its own.

ENVE Melee will be mass produced, thus eventually it will be made available worldwide. Now you must be wondering about this- How does the Melee Road Bike actually feel?

The ENVE Melee is all about speed and aerodynamics, whereas the Custom Road was about custom geometry. The Melee Road bike enjoys the advantage of a monocoque design. This is why this bike has narrower tube width with an aero shape, which means more speed with padded control.

There is an integrated cockpit that hides all the wires, making the bike aesthetically pleasing. May it be visuals or performance, the ENVE Melee is a beast. Although the cockpit is indeed integrated, you still have the choice to choose the handlebar width and stem length when purchasing the bike.

This level of customization actually is a very big deal, you are getting the product that YOU want, not what the manufacturer has chosen for you. Plus, you can get fully comfortable with the bike first, see that it perfectly fits you, and then purchase it.

Wheelset, Tires, and Drivetrain 

One of the fun things about this bike is that you will be able to change the wheelsets. You would also be able to use the wheelsets that are best for time trials. The frame and fork of the bike are also impressive, they can be fitted with tires up to 35mm in width. If you want the best experience, then we suggest 27mm to 31mm tires.

The bike is also compatible with all the Shimano mechanical drivetrains, does not matter if you have a 1x or 2x setup. Campagnolo mechanical 1x drivetrains are also supported by the ENVE Melee.

Geometry and Pricing

From the start, the ENVE Melee is available in seven frame sizes, plus you can also choose the handlebars and stem length. You can also use the online tool to put in your own desired frame sizes and stack figures. As of right now, the Melee is available in only one color- DAMASCUS.

Enve Melee Geometry Chart
Enve Melee Geometry Chart

The ENVE Melee is available for MSRP $5,500 (€5500 / £5300). Rolling Bike Case To Be Sold Separately!



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