GMC Denali Road Bike Review (2021 Updated)

The Best Entry-Level Bike? The GMC Denali Road Bike does an amazing job of providing a fresher experience, its lightweight construction makes it a much favored option. In this review we will be focusing on all the necessary information regarding the GMC Denali Road Bike.

Looking for an amazing entry-level road bike? We have got you covered with the GMC Denali Road bike! It is an entry-level bike that showcases performance in a very clear way, in terms of flexibility, the bike is available in three sizes- Small, Medium, and Large. If you are still confused about their size or something, they have a visual chart on their website to sort that kind of problem.

This bike may be a brand of GMC but its production is handled by Kent International. I personally think that this is a very good sign, a company that has so many years of trust, confidence, and excellence is outsourcing. Kent International is no stranger when it comes to bicycles as they have a century-long experience, they are a family-owned business after all!

I would say that the GMC Denali Road Bike is one of the best options to go for beginners as it provides the necessary boost of confidence you need, performance-wise it isn’t so bad either. The manufacturing as I said earlier is handled by Kent International, so that should be clear enough that this bike is going to amazing for beginners. It does not matter if you want this bike for normal recreational purposes or races, it will certainly not disappoint!

Apart from GMC, Kent International possesses the licensing rights for other brands as well. Those brands include:

  • Little Miss Match Bicycles
  • Jeep 
  • Cadillac

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Construction and Components

GMC Denali Road Bike
GMC Denali Road Bike

The construction of the GMC Denali Road Bike is very impressive. Its construction revolves around an aluminum frame and fork. The components that you would find in this bike are okay-ish, I think it is what you will find in a bike that is considered cheap (Under $200).

The GMC Denali bike has Shimano derailleurs and shifters, and the Promax brakes are being called alloy calipers, it is because they are advertised this way. Other than these markings or illustrations, there is no other way to identify the components. The wheel size is great, as they are 700cc sizes wheels, perfect for beginners. They are also the most common type you will find in the market that makes them easy to replace.

The bike also has high-quality alloy rims which clearly gives a premium feel. The additional height of the bike wheel size makes it stiffer and enhances the aerodynamics, which is always a great sign. The bike also has a KMC Z 51 chain that comes fitted with a Prowheel alloy crankset, and a 7-speed cassette, all of this greatly enhances performance. The cherry on top is the Cionlli saddle but some of the users may call it a hindrance.

What Is GMC Denali’s Purpose?

The GMC Denali is one of the best lightweight bikes that you can find in the market, the bike was designed for the sole purpose of casual rides. Cyclists would be able to enjoy this bike for light-medium cycling experiences, I personally think that it provides a very satisfactory level of performance. If you are thinking of using this bike for professional purposes, then this bike might not be a good option for that. Although with that said, the bike is very sturdy and durable, as is confirmed by GMC themselves.

No matter what kind of road it is, the GMC Denali Road bike promises to deliver amazing performance. In addition, it is also very smooth to change the gears of the bike whenever you want.

Design and Colors

One of the best things about the GMC Denali Road bike is that you can find it in different colors/combo shades. The available options are:

  • Black/Green (My Personal Favorite)
  • Red
  • Black/Pink
Road Bikes” src=”×572.jpg” alt=”Denali Road Bikes” width=”870″ height=”572″> Denali Road Bikes

There is also a certain downside to this, all of these shades aren’t available at once as certain shades are only available with certain frame sizes which is a drag. Sometimes, even the desired frames aren’t available. The sizes available are small, medium, and large. If you are confused about the sizes then there is a visual chart on their website to help you out!

Let me make things a bit better for you:

  • GMC Small Frame: This frame is best suited for users that have a height of 5.1-5.8 feet
  • GMC Medium Frame: This frame is best suited for users that have a height of 5.8-6 feet
  • GMC Large Frame: This frame is best suited for users that have a height of 6 above feet

Features Available

GMC Denali Road Bike Size
GMC Denali Road Bike Size

When you purchase the GMC Denali Road Bike, there are tons of features that you can enjoy, here are some of them:

  • This bike is fitted with an aluminum gauge frame with a GMC steel fork
  • The weight of the bike is 30 lbs although it also depends on the frame size you pick
  • The bike has Promax Caliper Alloy Brakes that enhance protection
  • You can choose from a wide variety of colors and shade, there are also different sizes available
  • You get a lifetime warranty with the bike

Bike Specifications

Black/Green, Red, Black/Pink
Manufacturer Part Number
Kent International
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
48.00 x 25.00 x 8.00 Inches

Purchasing Online – Assembly Made Easier

You also have the option of purchasing the GMC Denali Road bike online, it will be delivered to your home directly. Although you would have to assemble the bike yourself, the manufacturers have made things quite easier. The shifter and cables are already in position, you don’t have to worry about that!

GMC Denali Road Bikes
GMC Denali Road Bikes

The only thing that you would need to do is fasten the pedals, handlebars, and front wheel. Do this and you are all set!

Sizes Available

  • Extra Small 700C
  • Small 700C
  • Medium 700C
  • Large 700C

GMC Denali Road Bike Size

No. Size Fits Rider Seat Tube
Seat Tube
Stand Over
42720 Small 5’1″ – 5’8″
(inseam of 28″-30″)
48cm 53cm 74cm 50 to 75 PSI
42722 Medium 5’8″ – 6’0″
(inseam of 30″-32″)
57cm 55cm 80cm 50 to 75 PSI
42725 Large 6’2″ – 6’5″
(inseam of 33″-35″)
64cm 56cm 87cm 50 to 75 PSI

Who is This Bike Best Suited For?

As we discussed before, this bike is a perfect option for casual cyclists, even better for people that are just starting out. The GMC Denali Road Bike is perfectly capable of high-speed racing and traveling over long distances. It is also quite flexible, it comes in a variety of sizes so that all types of cyclists can experience and enjoy the bike.

The bike is fitted with an aluminum frame which makes it very durable and also enhances the performance of the bike. It is designed to perform well for the years to come and can resist any kind of abuse you throw at it. Experience great professional cycling with the GMC Denali Road Bike.

Pros and Cons


  • The best thing about the bike is the price, it is under $200
  • It is extremely lightweight
  • The materials used in construction ensure that the bike has amazing durability
  • You can get the bike in different colors and sizes
  • The design is amazing so it is aesthetically attractive
  • You can fully customize the bike with additional parts

  • The seat becomes uncomfortable at times
  • Sometimes the brake pads of the bike may become unresponsive
  • The bike may not be completely assembled when it arrives


The first thing that I would say about the GMC Denali Road Bike is that you wouldn’t get a better deal than this, the bike has everything you need if you are starting out. The construction is amazing, it has some high-end components, one of the most attractive points about this bike is its design.

You can get the GMC Denali Road bike in different color shades and frame sizes, it keeps the user flexible by giving an extensive option to customize. In my preference the only thing I was uncomfortable with was the seat, I really couldn’t bear with it. The brakes were also unresponsive at times but with a little tinkering, it would become much better!

In conclusion, if you are starting out with cycling, then you can’t get a better option than the GMC Denali, the features, components, and performance give more than enough value for the price. Do check it out! You can buy it here!

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