The Giant Propel Aero Road Bike Is Here To Take Wins Faster and Lighter Than Ever

Presenting the new Giant Propel Aero Road Bike, this bike is surely going to up your racing game from all the fronts!
Giant Propel Aero

Giant is known for making amazing bikes but with the Propel Aero Road Bike, they just crossed all the limits. With this bike, Dylan Groenewegen was able to have a stage win at the Tour De France. This is technological advancement purely, the Propel Aero is meant to be the lightest and fastest road bike there is. There are also a ton of new features in this bike, including them are Cadex 50 Ultra Disc wheels and the improved SLR cockpit.

Apart from all of this, Giant wanted to make sure that there was perfect performance delivery. So that is why they adjusted the tube profiles and even stiffened some parts. After all of this, the results were phenomenal. 



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As you can see, the new Propel Aero Road Bike is meant to be very different. It is designed to deliver exceptional performance but also be very comfortable for the rider. In order to make sure this happens, the bottom bracket junction, head tube, and down tube are made stiffer. All of this ensures that the rider’s power has a good flow to the rear wheel.

Apart from this transition, the seat stays, and the seat mast is also thinned out in order to improve the compliance of the bike. There is a reason why the bike feels lighter than before, the thinner tubes balance the power-to-weight ratio adequately.

With the previous models, there was always this complaint of unnecessary drag, in order to fix it, the main tubes now have a  truncated airfoil shape. You can even carry your custom water bottles with you. 

Apparently, there are three models of the Propel Aero and all three of them will come installed with the Shimano or SRAM drivetrains. You can see that the brakes now have a semi-integrated cockpit, this hides all the wires and makes the whole structure look neat.

The construction of the bikes is great, the hoses run perfectly under the stem. You can now even adjust the stack height according to your preferences. You can take a look at all the Propel Bike Range here.



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