Remove Rust From Bike

How to Remove Rust From Bike In Easy Steps

Rust is a bicycle enemy! It silently eats away at the parts. Especially in places where you cannot reach. You may notice bubbling paint, and blistering, squeaky noises. This means you have got rust! Now there is no need to panic! We can work together to get that rust off of your bike. Rust Removal

When To Replace Bike Tires

How Long Do Bike Tires Last

Did you know that bicycle tires have a limited life? Well, now you do. Mountain bike tires last 3,000 to 8,000 miles. While road bike tires can run up to 1,000 to 4,000 miles. On the other hand, racing bike tires have to be replaced now and then, since they can get damaged easily and

How To Reinstall Bikes Chain

How To Reinstall Bike Chain At Home!

A bike’s tires and chain are something that will need to be replaced very often. However, if you wait too long to replace a bike’s chain then it could badly affect the bike’s overall life. The drivetrain’s lifespan will be affected and then the cost to replace all of those components could be a lot.

Cyclist Man Riding Road Bike

Shimano Claris Vs Sora: Unveiling the Ultimate Road Bike Groupsets Battle

Choosing an entry-level bike can be very confusing, especially when you have to choose between a Shimano Sora, Claris, or Tiagra groupset. Although these are at the bottom of the Shimano road bike groupset ladder, it doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for beginner cyclists. In this article, we will be looking at both

Applying Bike Chain Lubricant

Do You Really Need A Bike Chain Lube? Let’s Find Out

The bike chain is one of the most useful parts of a bicycle. It grinds hard to transfer our foot power to the rear wheel to get your cycling going. But it is also one of the most ignored parts when it comes to bicycle maintenance. Since it is in constant use, it depreciates quickly. Especially

Speed Distance Time Calculator

Bike Speed, Distance and Time Calculator

How to Use Select what you want to calculate: You can choose between Speed, Distance, or Time. Just click on the respective radio button. Input Values: Enter the known values in the provided fields. For instance, if you’re calculating time, you’d enter speed and distance. Choose Units: Ensure you’ve selected the appropriate measurement units from

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressure Calculator

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressure Calculator

Having the right tire pressure is important, especially when you are going to ride on technical terrains. Now, usually, different bikes will require different tire pressure. But, when it comes to mountain bikes, your tire pressure should be enough so that your tire does not wriggle under your weight. Get it?  Don’t worry. If you don’t

Crank Length Calculator

Crank Length Calculator

How to Use the Calculator Enter your inseam measurement in centimeters or inches. Measure the distance from your crotch to the floor while standing barefoot with your feet slightly apart. Select your preferred riding style (e.g., road cycling, mountain biking) from the dropdown menu. Select the type of bike you ride (e.g., road bike, mountain

Bike Saddle Height Calculator

Bike Saddle Height Calculator

Why is Saddle Height Important? Proper saddle height adjustment is crucial for cycling comfort, efficiency, and injury prevention. An incorrectly adjusted saddle can lead to discomfort, reduced pedaling efficiency, and increased risk of knee and lower back injuries. By finding the right saddle height, you can optimize your cycling performance and reduce the risk of

Bicycle Gear Speed Calculator

Bicycle Gear Speed Calculator

Bicycle Gear Speed Chart   Cycling enthusiasts and professional bikers alike understand the importance of gear ratios in optimizing their ride. Whether you’re tackling a challenging mountain trail or cruising through city streets, selecting the right gear combination can make all the difference in your cycling experience. To help you make informed decisions about your

Bicycle Gear Meters

Bicycle Gear Meters of Development

Bicycle Gear Meters of Development Chart   As a passionate cyclist, you know that the joy of cycling lies in the harmony between you, your bike, and the road. Every ride is a unique adventure, and your bike’s gears play a pivotal role in shaping that experience. Whether you’re powering through a challenging climb or

Bicycle Gear Inches Calculator

Bicycle Gear Inches Calculator

Bicycle Gear Inches Chart Cycling enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned pros or just starting out, often find themselves pondering the complexities of gear ratios and how they impact their ride. If you’ve ever been curious about gear chart and how to optimize your bike’s performance, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore the

Skid Patch Chart Calculator

Skid Patch Calculator

Skid Patch Chart Calculator   The Skid Patch Calculator is a valuable tool for cyclists who want to optimize their gear choices to enhance their riding experience and extend the life of their bike components. This guide provides a clear explanation of how the Skid Patch Calculator calculates skid patches, helps you understand how BikeCalc

Cycling Apps

Top 13 Cycling Apps: Find The Best Riding App Of 2024

There are so many uses of a cycling app, don’t you agree? I mean you can Navigate Your Route, Plan Your Ride, Monitor Your Fitness, Make Use Of Live Tracking, and more. You can simply download the application on your phone and get going. But let me tell you something interesting.  There are more than

Best Dropper Posts

8 Best Dropper Posts To Choose From

In the past, mountain bikes without a dropper post were problematic. Let’s take descents for example. If you had to ride down a very steep yet tricky descent then you had to get off the bike, bring the saddle down and move downwards. Or you could just ride down the bike and pray that you

How To Assemble Bike

How To Assemble A Bike – Bike Tips and Tricks

Finally, we are talking about my second favorite hobby. What’s the first you ask? Well, it’s riding my bicycle of course! What’s that? Do you want to learn how to assemble a bike? I thought you’d never ask. I like experimenting, so I am always putting together components from different companies to build a bike. 

Remove Bike Cassette Without Special Tools

How To Remove Bike Cassette Without Special Tools

One of the key tricks that I always share with my fellow riders is timely and effective maintenance. Taking care of your bicycle can be a challenging task, but it is one worth the trouble. A well-maintained bicycle will last you longer than a neglected one. Do you know a bicycle can last you a

How To Use A Bike Pump

How To Use A Bike Pump In 10 Simple Steps!

The one thing in cycling we can call inevitable is flats! Even if your tire is in perfect condition, you can face pressure loss due to something as simple as a temperature change! That’s why bike pumps come in handy. There is no deep science to using them but yes! There are some things you

How To Check Tire Pressure

How To Check Tire Pressure Without A Gauge-3 Easy Tricks

A bicycle requires maintenance to keep running. One maintenance check you’ll be doing a lot is checking the tire pressure. Usually, the recommended PSI for your tire is printed on the side wall of the tire. PSI stands for Pound Per Square Inch, it is the scientific measuring unit for tire pressure. However, for road

How To Ship A Bike

How To Ship A Bike? Bike Tips and Tricks

The world finally seems to be getting back to normal, which means that life can be enjoyed again. Maybe it is high time for that vacation that you planned? Any kind of vacation will definitely be incomplete without your own bike, so you will need it with you, wherever you go! So that we know

How To Put Front Brakes On A Bike

How To Put Front Brakes On A Bike- Easy To Follow Steps

Bike rides, no matter how skillful you are, are not without some dangers. To make these rides safe, bicycles have front and rear braking systems. This system gives you control over any kind of terrain that you are riding. Your power to bring the bicycle to a halt is right under your fingers! Now, here’s

Fixed Gear Calculator

Fixed Gear Calculator: Bike Gear Calculator

  What Is A Fixed Gear Calculator? IceBike’s Fixed Gear Calculator will help you find the perfect chainring and cog combinations. Modern bikes come installed with multiple gears and that is why there will be many gear ratios, as we have mentioned on our calculator. Using these types of bike calculators is very easy, all

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator and Charts

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator Our bike gear calculator will assist you in selecting chainrings and cogs. Many modern bicycles have a variety of gears, so there are many possible bike gear ratios to consider. Choose the range of interest and see which combination is ideal for your cycling habits and circumstances. As a consequence, you

Fix Broken Spokes

How To Fix Broken Spokes In 6 Easy Steps

Spokes are the thin rods that you see between your wheel and the rim. Their basic function is to hold the wheel in shape. And while going through this, they do withstand the highest stress. Although, bike spokes are not delicate. But that does not make them indestructible! They might break which can cause a

Bike Anatomy

A Beginner’s Guide To All Bike Parts: Bike Anatomy 101

So why is it important to know the bike anatomy? Well, how else are you supposed to differentiate the crankset from the chainset? Or were you thinking you could simply do bike maintenance without knowing two from two? Here’s the deal, No matter whether you are a casual or a professional cyclist, knowing your bicycle

Measure Bike Wheel Size

How To Measure Bike Wheel Size

Many casual riders completely ignore the size of their bike wheel size, that is not recommended as that could lead to average experiences…

Child and Baby Bike Seats

Best Child and Baby Bike Seats For 2024

Having your child with you when you go riding on bicycles is pure euphoria, plus it also shows kids the beauty of riding a bike. It is going to be a while until they are up…

Gear Ratio Calculator

Bicycle Gear Ratio Dynamic Chart

The calculations below are approximate for 700c & 27 Inch wheels. To calculate the exact gearing, divide the number of chainring teeth by the number of sprocket teeth and multiply the answer by the actual rolling diameter of the tyred wheel. (Divide actual rolling circumference by 3.142 to calculate rolling diameter)

Bike Tire Size Chart

Mountain Bike Tire Size Chart: A Guide to Tire Sizes

In the 90’s, when the mountain biking industry experienced a huge boost, Cannondale was the first to use a 24″ rear wheel. They used it in the “Beast of the East” edition. Following suit, Wes Williams, the owner of  Willits, advised for what we today know as 29er. Do you know that now there is

Bike Frame Size Calculator

Bike Size Calculator | Bike Frame Size Calculator

The Bike Size Calculator is a quick and easy tool to find the correct bike frame size that is right for you. Choose the kind of bike you are interested in and then enter your measurement(s). When you decide on buying a new bike, it is very essential that you pick the right size for