Mountain Bike Tyre Pressure Calculator

Mountain Bike Tyre Pressure Calculator

How to Use Our MTB tyre pressure calculator is designed to help you determine the optimal tyre pressure for your mountain bike based on a variety of factors. To use the calculator, simply input the required information, including your rider weight, tyre diameter, tyre width, riding type, and other relevant details. The calculator will then

Crank Length Calculator

Crank Length Calculator

How to Use the Calculator Enter your inseam measurement in centimeters or inches. Measure the distance from your crotch to the floor while standing barefoot with your feet slightly apart. Select your preferred riding style (e.g., road cycling, mountain biking) from the dropdown menu. Select the type of bike you ride (e.g., road bike, mountain

Bike Saddle Height Calculator

Bike Saddle Height Calculator

Why is Saddle Height Important? Proper saddle height adjustment is crucial for cycling comfort, efficiency, and injury prevention. An incorrectly adjusted saddle can lead to discomfort, reduced pedaling efficiency, and increased risk of knee and lower back injuries. By finding the right saddle height, you can optimize your cycling performance and reduce the risk of

Bicycle Gear Speed Calculator

Bicycle Gear Speed Calculator

Bicycle Gear Speed Chart   Cycling enthusiasts and professional bikers alike understand the importance of gear ratios in optimizing their ride. Whether you’re tackling a challenging mountain trail or cruising through city streets, selecting the right gear combination can make all the difference in your cycling experience. To help you make informed decisions about your

Bicycle Gear Meters

Bicycle Gear Meters of Development

Bicycle Gear Meters of Development Chart   As a passionate cyclist, you know that the joy of cycling lies in the harmony between you, your bike, and the road. Every ride is a unique adventure, and your bike’s gears play a pivotal role in shaping that experience. Whether you’re powering through a challenging climb or

Bicycle Gear Inches Calculator

Bicycle Gear Inches Calculator

Bicycle Gear Inches Chart   Cycling enthusiasts, whether they’re seasoned pros or just starting out, often find themselves pondering the complexities of gear ratios and how they impact their ride. If you’ve ever been curious about gear chart and how to optimize your bike’s performance, you’re in the right place! In this article, we’ll explore

Skid Patch Chart Calculator

Skid Patch Calculator

Skid Patch Chart Calculator   The Skid Patch Calculator is a valuable tool for cyclists who want to optimize their gear choices to enhance their riding experience and extend the life of their bike components. This guide provides a clear explanation of how the Skid Patch Calculator calculates skid patches, helps you understand how BikeCalc

Cycling Apps

The Best Cycling Apps: Which One Is The Best For You? (Review 2023)

Let me make this one thing straight, there are a lot of cycling applications that make it hard to choose one and you don’t actually have to choose one. From all of these options with different results, it can become pretty hectic going through all of them, that is why you have this review and

How To Assemble Bike

How To Assemble A Bike – Bike Tips and Tricks

Over the last couple of years, there has been a surge in the demand for bikes, people have been either getting a bike furiously or trying to get one. The pandemic paved the way for this ridiculously large demand, it was almost unreal. People started ditching their cars and public transport to save costs and

How To Use A Bike Pump

How To Use A Bike Pump — Bike Tips and Tricks

It is a beautiful day outside, the kind of day that makes you want to go out and do some cycling. You take a look at your bike and then you see a flat tire and all of your plans come crashing down, this is definitely not how you pictured your day. If it has

How To Check Tire Pressure

How To Check Tire Pressure Without A Gauge – Bike Maintenance Tips

Cycling is fun and addictive, no matter how many trips you take with it, there will come a time when you have to check the tire pressure and see that everything is fine. Sometimes the situation would force you to check the tire pressure without a gauge, it could be in the middle of nowhere

How To Reinstall Bikes Chain

How To Reinstall Bikes Chain – Bike Tips and Tricks

Having a bike is not just about riding, it is also about maintenance, without proper care, even the highest-quality bikes will not last long. When we talk about the bike’s construction, there is no unimportant part, but after the tires, the main thing that you have to look after is the bike’s chain. A bike’s

How To Ship A Bike

How To Ship A Bike? Bike Tips and Tricks

The world finally seems to be getting back to normal, which means that life can be enjoyed again. Maybe it is high time for that vacation that you planned? Any kind of vacation will definitely be incomplete without your own bike, so you will need it with you, wherever you go! So that we know

How To Put Front Brakes On A Bike

How To Put Front Brakes On A Bike – Bike Tips

Bike Riders are like artists, the road is their canvas, with the riding skills they paint the canvas with gorgeous vistas but this is not done without some dangers. Do you know that there are some professional riders that use their bikes without front brakes? That’s crazy now isn’t it, although it is not legal

Fixed Gear Calculator

Fixed Gear Calculator: Bike Gear Calculator

  What Is A Fixed Gear Calculator? IceBike’s Fixed Gear Calculator will help you find the perfect chainring and cog combinations. Modern bikes come installed with multiple gears and that is why there will be many gear ratios, as we have mentioned on our calculator. Using these types of bike calculators is very easy, all

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator and Charts

Bike Gear Ratio Calculator Our bike gear calculator will assist you in selecting chainrings and cogs. Many modern bicycles have a variety of gears, so there are many possible bike gear ratios to consider. Choose the range of interest and see which combination is ideal for your cycling habits and circumstances. As a consequence, you

Fix Broken Spokes

How To Fix Broken Spokes – Bike Tips and Techniques

Your bike’s spokes are going to break from time to time, there is no ignoring it or running away from it, it is all part of the life cycle. Although if these broken spokes are not attended then they are going to cause a LOT of problems for you, maybe even put your bike on

Bike Hand Signals

Bike Hand Signals Updated 2023

It does not matter if you are riding in a group or solo, it is always necessary to communicate about your intended movements on the bike…

Bike Anatomy

Bike Parts Explained: Beginner’s Guide On Bike Anatomy

In order to know the full extent of something, we should know the full layout of that thing, inside and outside. This concept can be well-applied to our bodies and it definitely applies to bicycles. We have studied the human body, the skeleton is fully known, the muscles and different parts of the body known,

When To Replace Bike Tires

How Long Do Bike Tires Last

There is a common notion, “Nothing Lasts Forever” that is true. The good things in life don’t come that easy and when they finally come, they don’t last forever. From the bikes to the bicycle tires, they are going to wear out quickly, and then you would have to repair/replace them. The feeling of riding

Measure Bike Wheel Size

How To Measure Bike Wheel Size

Many casual riders completely ignore the size of their bike wheel size, that is not recommended as that could lead to average experiences…

Remove Rust From Bike

How to Remove Rust From Bike – Bike Maintenance Tips

Being a bike owner is not easy, the trouble starts from choosing the perfect bike, then buying it, and then finally maintaining it. We get it, bikes are valued possessions but over time they will show signs of wear and tear, this is something that no one can ignore. No matter how perfect the condition

Child and Baby Bike Seats

Best Child and Baby Bike Seats For 2023

Having your child with you when you go riding on bicycles is pure euphoria, plus it also shows kids the beauty of riding a bike. It is going to be a while until they are up…

Gear Ratio Calculator

Bicycle Gear Ratio Dynamic Chart

The calculations below are approximate for 700c & 27 Inch wheels. To calculate the exact gearing, divide the number of chainring teeth by the number of sprocket teeth and multiply the answer by the actual rolling diameter of the tyred wheel. (Divide actual rolling circumference by 3.142 to calculate rolling diameter)

Bike Tire Size Chart

Bike Tire Size Chart: Your Definitive Guide to Tire Sizes

Do you find yourself going to the bike shop in search of a new bike or a new set of tires? You will see a wide range of mountain bikes, as well as a countless selection of tire sizes as well. You wind up pondering which one will suit you. Having a wide choice of

Bike Frame Size Calculator

Bike Size Calculator | Bike Frame Size Calculator

The Bike Size Calculator is a quick and easy tool to find the correct bike frame size that is right for you. Choose the kind of bike you are interested in and then enter your measurement(s). When you decide on buying a new bike, it is very essential that you pick the right size for