Shimano Claris Vs Sora: Unveiling the Ultimate Road Bike Groupsets Battle

Are you stuck between the Shimano Claris and Sora? Although both of these are amazing Groupsets, settling on one of them can be tricky. Let us explore both options and find out which one truly stands out!
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Choosing an entry-level bike can be very confusing, especially when you have to choose between a Shimano Sora, Claris, or Tiagra groupset. Although these are at the bottom of the Shimano road bike groupset ladder, it doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for beginner cyclists.

In this article, we will be looking at both the Shimano Sora and Claris groupsets in great detail but before that, we must first understand what a groupset is and you can explore bike anatomy for more information on this. It is also worth noting that Shimano Claris is the cheapest of the two groupsets which is why most bike manufacturers install this groupset in the bikes which cost less than $1000. Still, there are some brands out there that love mixing up groupsets for a different kind of experience. 

We will discuss this in great detail so let’s start!

What Is A Road Bike Groupset?- Explaining The Basics 

A road bike groupset is a collection of components that make up the bike’s drivetrain and braking system. These components work together in sync to control the bike’s speed, enable gear shifting, and efficiently transfer the power from the cyclist’s pedaling to the wheels. 

Cycling Road Bike
Cycling Road Bike

You will find the following components in a road bike groupset:

  • Shifters: These are the controls that are located on the handlebars of your bike, they allow you to change the gears efficiently. There are two types of shifters though, mechanical shifters use cables to move the derailleurs and electronic shifters rely on wireless technology.
  • Derailleurs: Road bikes have two types of derailleurs: front and rear derailleurs. The front derailleur moves the chain which is between the chainrings, the rear derailleur is tasked with shifting the chain across the cassette. 
  • Cassette: The cassette is the set of gears that you will find on the rear wheel. It contains multiple cogs of different sizes. You can easily change the gear ratio by shifting the chain between different cogs, all of this will allow you to make pedaling easier or harder.
  • Crankset: The crankset consists of crank arms and chainrings. Different bikes will have varying chainrings, two or three are common though. The overall size of the chainrings affects gear ratios.
  • Chain: The chain connects the cassette and the chainrings, it transfers the power from the pedaling to the wheels. Bicycle chains are designed to work specifically with the different number of gears in the cassette.
  • Brakes: Road bike groupsets include either disc brakes or rim brakes. Rim brakes use pads that actually grip the wheel sides to slow down or completely stop the bike. Disc brakes have a rotor attached to the wheel hub and calipers that effectively squeeze the rotor to provide the necessary braking power.

Here are some examples of popular road bike groupsets from different manufacturers:

1. Shimano

  • Entry-level: Shimano Claris, Shimano Sora
  • Mid-range: Shimano 105, Shimano Ultegra
  • High-end: Shimano Dura-Ace


  • Entry-level: SRAM Apex
  • Mid-range: SRAM Rival
  • High-end: SRAM Force, SRAM Red

3. Campagnolo

  • Entry-level: Campagnolo Veloce
  • Mid-range: Campagnolo Potenza
  • High-end: Campagnolo Record, Campagnolo Super Record

Note: You have to know that different groupsets will offer different levels of performance, durability, and weight. If you invest in a higher-end groupset then you will get to experience a much better performance. These groupsets are made from advanced materials and technologies that allow for better shifting, lighter weight, and exceptional performance.

Shimano Claris Vs Sora: Overview Table 

Let us look at the different features and specifications of Shimano Claris and Sora.

Feature Shimano CLARIS ST-R2000-L Shimano ST-R3000 Sora
Handle Type Lever Lever
Weight 1 lb. 2.19 lbs.
Clamp 23.8 – 24.2 mm 23.8 – 24.2 mm
Front Speed 2 9
Rear Speed 2 9
Shifter Type Dual Control Lever Dual Control Lever
Speed 2*8 and 3*8 options 2*9 and 3*9 options
Reach Adjust Screw Screw

We know that you are excited to try out both Shimano Claris and Sora, although there are a few things that you should know about both of these groupsets. If you want to ride at higher speeds then I would suggest that you go for Shimano Claris, it is very easy to use and won’t slow you down in any way. Then comes the Shimano Sora which is best known for lower-speed riding. Cyclists often go for the Shimano Claris because it is more lightweight than other options, and the amazing durability. In the end, both of these are amazing groupsets and you should make a decision based on your own preferences.

Shimano CLARIS ST-R2000-L Vs Shimano Shimano ST-R3000 Sora

We already discussed what a groupset is and what components it consists of, so let’s get straight to the point now. The Shimano Claris is perhaps the lightest and most affordable groupset you will find in the market right now, a lower price doesn’t mean that it doesn’t perform up to the mark, it actually performs really well. Apart from the overall performance, the 8-speed package is very easy to install. If you are just starting out, we would suggest that you start with the Shimano Claris Groupset. Even in the Top Performing E-Road Bikes, you will find the majority of them installed with a Claris groupset.

The Shimano Sora groupset is a bit different than the Claris groupset, although both of them can be used on entry-level bikes, only the Sora groupset can be used on some mountain bikes. There are not a lot of differences between the Claris and Sora groupset but the gear shifter sets the Sora apart from the competition.

I personally prefer the Sora groupset because of the superior gear shifter, it has a reliable shifting capability, a triple chainset, and an amazing value. It uses a small paddle inside the brake levers to change gears. 

The Shifters

Shimano Claris’ gear shifter is mainly designed for high-speed gear changes, it allows for seamless and quick shifting between the gears. If you are a beginner then you can have problems using the shifter as it has an integrated brake and gear level system, once you practice with it though, all of it becomes second nature. 

Let me explain how it works when you need to shift up and back a gear, just push the right-hand lever behind the brake and then shift it downward, after this, all you have to do is push both levers inwards. When you look at both the shifters from a technical point of view, there is no difference. The only difference between these two shifters is the cable routing, which also makes sense. 

The Shimano Sora groupset allows for a better and smoother gear change, you will find it ideal for maintaining the bike at lower speeds. Apart from this, the shifter is really easy to use and the construction is also top-notch. We can also say that these shifters benefit from the same flawless dual-control shifting. Although you have to know that this groupset has internal cable routing, this makes the bike look clean and makes you carry a bag without any hesitation. Those planning on carrying out winter bike maintenance will find both of these shifters a blessing.

Verdict: It is a draw.


Bike Cassette close up
Bike Cassette close up

Let’s talk about the Shimano Claris cassette/crankset first. This cassette features a dual-chainring system which increases the overall cadence of the bike. You can easily fit it with a double or triple chainring. If you are a novice then these gearings are perfect for you, they will let you increase your cadence on an incline without any problems. The rear cassette of this groupset is 8-speed, should be fine. 

Moving on to the Shimano Sora cassette now. It features a 9-speed cog and is best for rough and technical terrain, your inner mountain biker is going to be very happy. Just like its counterpart, you can find both double and triple chainrings. The 9-speed cassette is where the unique aspect begins.

Verdict: The cassette of both these groupsets is the same, although the cassette of the Shimano Sora looks more high-end.

Front Derailleur 

The front derailleur of the Shimano Claris isn’t that different from the other groupsets. It shows very slight resistance when you shift it to the smaller chainring. It works fine but there is nothing exceptional going on here, we can’t say that the front derailleur of the Shimano Claris is the best part. As a beginner, all you would have to do is show some patience, that’s it.

The front derailleur of Shimano Sora is great as you get a smoother gear change. Beginners won’t get it but novice riders will love the performance of the front derailleur. It never fails your command to change gears and does it seamlessly.

Verdict: Shimano Sora groupset has a better front derailleur. This one still works well but there is a slight delay and added friction, which can get very annoying at times.

Rear Derailleur 

Shimano Claris’ rear derailleur bit different than the front derailleur and also offers lesser resistance than the front derailleur. Apart from that it allows smooth gear shifting. It moves the bike’s chain along the 8 cogs without any kind of problems. Even after traveling a lot of miles, you won’t have to worry about the readjustment. Shimano Claris derailleur is the same as Shimano Sora.

The rear derailleur of Shimano Sora is great and performs all the functions without ever feeling sloppy. You will always get consistent gear changes without needing to readjust often. 

Verdict: It is a draw.


The rim brakes that come with Shimano Claris are amazing, I really mean that. If you are opting for racing then it doesn’t get any better than this. The brake lever also doubles as a shifter, the construction is also top-notch. They are very easy to adjust and stop the bike in an instant. They don’t look aesthetically pleasing though.

You will normally find built-in aluminum dual-pivot caliper brakes with Shimano Sora, these are fast and very responsive. Although they have a great design and respond well, they take some time to respond.

Verdict: The Shimano Claris groupset has better brakes and it comes out on top. The calipers respond quickly as compared to the Shimano Sora.


The Shimano Claris chainring is amazing as it makes shifting aggressive when switching rings. This kind of structure makes it very easy for the user to race without any problems.

The Shimano Sora chainring is less aggressive this time but is also more durable.

Verdict: It is a draw.


You can check out the Shimano Claris here, it is cheaper than the other groupsets.

You can check out the Shimano Sora here, it is a bit more expensive than the Claris groupset but it is worth it.

What About Compatability?

The Shimano Claris is made to be used with high-speed bikes. It features eight sprockets on a cassette, this much is standard on entry-level bikes. It can work with any 8-speed cassette system.

You can use the Shimano Sora groupset on any kind of bike, but it performs best on a 9-speed bike (Or 9-speed configuration).

Advantages Of Shimano Claris Groupset

  • It features a long cage rear derailleur 
  • The groupset allows for reliable rear-shifting 
  • Intuitive dual-control shifting 
  • It features a wide range of gear options 
  • Provides excellent value for your money 

Disadvantages Of Shimano Claris Groupset

  • Front shifting is difficult to adjust to 
  • 8-Speed results in big jumps between sprockets
  • This groupset has spongy brake pads 

What’s Unique In Shimano Claris?

There are many unique aspects of the Shimano Claris but the best one has to be the brake lever that doubles down as a gear shift. You won’t actually find this feature in entry-level bikes as it is offered only with the high-tier bikes, if your bike comes with then groupset then consider yourself very lucky. Yes, we know that shifting gears for the first time especially when you are a beginner can be troubling, all of these problems go away with practice though. While riding your road bike, we advise you to be cautious, although if you are fitted with an 8-speed package then all of it should be fine.

Advantages Of Shimano Sora Groupset

  • Compatible with flat bar bikes
  • Features a durable and resilient construction 
  • This groupset allows amazing climbing sessions
  • Features higher-quality components
  • With this groupset, it is very easy to switch between gears 

Disadvantages of Shimano Sora Groupset 

  • It is expensive as compared to the other groupsets 
  • It is not compatible with bikes that have an 8-speed configuration 
  • The rim brakes are not that powerful as compared to other groupsets 
  • Not suitable for wild adventures

What’s Unique In Shimano Sora?

When we talk about the Shimano Sora in detail, it has a lot of features that distinguish it from Shimano Claris and other groupsets. The first notable difference that we can notice is the number of speeds, Shimano Sora is available in a 9-speed configuration whereas the Shimano Claris is available in an 8-speed configuration. Honestly, the Shimano Sora is better because of the additional gear shifting and a wider gear range. 

Shimano Sora groupsets also have a sleeker and more refined appearance than Claris groupsets. We are talking about the design of the shifters, derailleurs, and cranksets. You can count on the Shimano Sora groupset to always have a higher-end and modern look.

Shimano Claris Vs Sora: Which One Should You Go For?

The Shimano Groupset isn’t just one set of groupsets that you can judge, there is a wide variety present there, suited for both beginner and novice cyclists. If you are looking for amazing road cycling then both of these groupsets will not let you down, and that is a promise because I have tried both of them. Yes, I have mentioned some negatives above but they aren’t that critical. If you have tried out both Ultegra and Durace groupsets then these drawbacks are going to matter. Are you still having problems with gear shifting? Check out our guide!

With that being said, both the Shimano Claris and Shimano Sora groupsets are amazing in their own regards. Technology is advancing on a daily basis and the thin thread of differences between these two groupsets is disappearing.  

When it comes to brakes, Shimano Claris stands out and that is a commendable feature. 

When it comes to the front derailleur, Shimano Sora stands out.

I would suggest that you experiment with both of these groupsets. See what makes you tick, maybe you’ll be surprised by the results! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite groupset!

Shimano Claris Vs Sora: Which Is The Best Choice For Your First Bike?

I know that many of you are still a bit confused about these two groupsets. Here is what the community has to say, especially if you have to choose between Sora or Claris for your first bike.

I bought an entry level giant road bike about 4 years ago with Claris. I have no complaints about it at all. It does what it’s supposed to do. I’m sure if I ever road a bike with sora, or tiagra , or 105 I’d be like “ oh this is nice!” But being I don’t know what I’m missing I’m perfectly happy. (CTDubs0001 Via Reddit)


I just got an entry-level road bike with Claris, and it performs really well. No complaints at all. The jump between gears can sometimes feel a bit much but it’s no deal breaker imo. A 22 year old kid in my city also won the local bicycle championship on a Specialized Allez with Claris, competing against pros on much pricier bikes. (Shot_Relief_112 Via Reddit)


Both Claris and Sora are decent. The biggest difference is going to be smaller jumps between gears. Danny (Sickbiker) made a video discussing the two different groupsets. I think his conclusion was they are very similar. I’d suggest if you have varied terrain/some hills (and disposable budget), the 9 speed is more versatile. (SvooglebinderMogul Via Reddit)



Question: Is Sora Better Than Claris?

They are almost identical when it comes to power and performance. The only drawback of the Shimano Claris is the front derailleur.

Question: Is Shimano 105 Faster Than Claris?

Of course, the Shimano 105 is an 11-speed groupset making it way faster than the Claris groupset.

Question: Is Sora Good For Gravel Bikes?

Considering the performance of the Vitus Substance V-2 Gravel Bike which uses a Sora groupset, it performs really well when it comes to off-road adventures and gravel riding.

Question: Can I Upgrade From Shimano Sora To Ultegra?

Yes, you can easily upgrade from one groupset to the other.

Question: Is Shimano Claris Noisy?

With the new chains and cassette, there is bound to be some noise. Although when they have been used for a while and lubed, you will enjoy a silent performance without any kind of disturbance.

Watch: Shimano Groupsets | All You Need To Know

Want to know more about Shimano Groupsets? Watch this insightful video from Cycling Weekly!


Beginner Cyclists that are going to start their adventures will be stuck between both Shimano Claris and Sora, and I get that. Needless to say, both of these groupsets will serve you faithfully without any kind of backdrops. Yes, we have mentioned some disadvantages of both Shimano and Groupsets above but they won’t bother you that much. As part of being a beginner cyclist, your focus will be having more adventures and improving your skills, both of these groupsets will help you achieve that.

The Shimano and Claris groupsets have the same latest technology flowing through them. When you go into the details, you will see that these groupsets share the same tech and characteristics but are just used differently. 

If you are looking for a cheaper option then go with Shimano Claris, it also has amazing brakes. On the other hand, Shimano Sora has an amazing front derailleur. Each groupset that we have mentioned is going to help you improve and be better than before. So tell us, which groupset will you be going for?

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