Yeti Bikes 2024 Review and Brand Overview

Yeti Cycles also known as Yeti Bikes is one of the very famous bike companies in the United States. Situated in Colorado, they are determined to make the best mountain bikes to ever exist. We will be discussing the brand closely and the unique products they offer to their customers.
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Yeti Bikes isn’t just a brand, it is a culmination of innovation and adrenaline forged over decades. Interested users will find a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and furious determination. With Yeti Bikes, every turn you make, every race you win, will be a story to tell. Even though there are a lot of amazing bike brands in the market, Yeti stands as a beacon of excellence, ready to help you conquer anything.

Theirs is a tale of unwavering quality, precision engineering, and undying commitment to the community. As we start with our brand review of Yeti Bikes, I want you to fasten your safety helmets carefully. You are about to ride through a brand that just doesn’t create bikes, but creates experiences and memories that stay immortal. 

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Yeti Bikes are based in Golden, Colorado and they offer some of the best mountain bikes that I have ever seen. In fact, their actual fame was due to the surge in demand for mountain bikes, which is why they have dedicated themselves to making amazing mountain bikes.

Yeti Mountain bikes were so amazing that Schwinn acquired the company back in 1995 and they have been flourishing ever since. What makes Yeti Cycles so innovative is that they are amazing mountain bikes but are actually lighter and more compact than the competition. Today we will be talking about Yeti Bikes in great detail, what makes them special, and why you should go for them!

Yeti Cycles: An Insider’s Look 

You must be wondering now how are Yeti Cycles still growing, what is exactly making them special? Yeti claims that they are not doing anything special, nothing out of the ordinary but we don’t believe that. They actually had a change in leadership, when the company’s vision changed, their progress, and profits also changed.

Seemingly, in 2001 two former employees took over the company and that brought a fresh change of pace, something that was desperately needed and that is also what made things fun! It only took about a month or so and that is when their profits started to increase. One of the most incredible things about Yeti Bikes is that even though the ownership changed many times, the quality of their products only increased, this is rarely the case whenever a bike company experiences new leadership. 

  • Schwinn Bought Yeti, this was an effort to expand its production (In 1995)
  • Schwinn Sold Yeti to a ski company called Volant (In 1999)
  • Yeti was bought back by former employees Chris Conroy and Steve Hoogendoorn (In 2001)

We will explain these points in detail later on!

Yeti Cycles was now looking at double-digit profit increments and things were looking better than ever. They made mountain biking fun again and that eventually made them very famous!

If you are a loyal customer of Yeti Bike then you would also know that all of their bikes are technologically advanced, so if you were planning on conquering the downhill terrains then you can enjoy their amazing trail bikes or mountain bikes. 

So, if you are looking for a capable trail bike, we suggest that you do some shopping at Yeti Bikes. Did you know that most of the company’s employees can go out and have a fun time pedaling?

Yes, that is one of their newest policies. This has increased their brand equity and it also makes them look way cooler than the other companies in the market. 

What Has Been Their Impact So Far? 

Yeti Cycles was established in 1985, and they have been progressing amazingly since that time. From regular customers to John Tomac, everyone has been using their products and is loving them.

If you want to know about the face that is representing Yeti and has been doing that for a long time then that is Richie Rude- x2 Enduro World Series World Champion!

Yeti has also impacted downhill racing in a big way! Did you know that the company started with turquoise as their main color and they improvised upon that afterward? Now, they make amazing mountain bikes that champions use, and special care is given to even the smallest of details.

What Is Yeti’s History? 

Yeti has been around for a while, their founder John Parker started the company back in 1985. His level of dedication was so high that he sold his only motorcycle to kickstart this brilliant company, and that was a great time, people wanted mountain bikes more than ever.

He had ideas to conquer the technical terrain which is why he wanted the two-wheeled machines to come out victorious. Yeti has contributed to the success of many famous biking legends:

  • John Tomac
  • Missy Giove 
  • Juli Furtado

Many modern designs have been inspired by the work of John Parker, even some downhill-oriented bikes have become successful because of him.

Interesting Highlights About The Company

Yeti was purchased by Schwinn back in 1995 and that is when the downfall began. Schwinn was not a fan of Parker’s work and vision which is why they never used his methodology. Although so much happened, Parker still didn’t give up and he even created a ski company that would support Yeti, which unfortunately didn’t work.

After many years in 1999, Yeti was acquired by a ski company named Volant. Things were getting better but slowly, the company still needed a good vision to thrive for the future.

Finally, in 2001, the company was acquired by Chris Conroy and Steve Hoogendoorn. That is when Yeti found its spark again, they became successful again and the company has been thriving ever since under the brilliant leadership of Conroy!

Getting Famous Quickly!

Since the purchase of Yeti Bikes by Chris Conroy, the company has been thriving and their bikes have been used in major downhill mountain bike competitions. With that being said, they have many famous bikes that are the heart and soul of many riders. Some of the examples are:

  • Lawwill DH-9 Full-Suspension Downhill Bike
  • Yeti SB100
  • Yeti ARC

There are many other famous bikes from the brand but we cannot name all of them here as enough space isn’t available.

Yeti Best Mountain Bikes Review-2023

Yeti Mountain Bikes
Yeti Mountain Bike

Let’s now discuss some of the best bikes from Yeti. Our picks range from the best cross-country-oriented bikes to the best downhill-oriented bikes.


Bike Bike Type Price
Yeti SB115 Mountain $5,299
Yeti Arc Mountain $3,999
Yeti SB130 Mountain $6,399
Yeti SB120 Mountain $5,399
Yeti 160E Electric $8,199

Note: Prices mentioned are subject to change. 

1. Yeti SB115

Price: Starting at $4000

Yeti Sb115
Yeti Sb115

Let’s start with the Yeti SB100, it is the most pedal-friendly bike from the company. Let’s clear things out from the start so that there is no confusion, this is an Xc-oriented bike. If you want to conquer technical terrains then this bike’s aggressive geometry will surely help you out!

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • TURQ3 Frame
  • SRAM Guide G2 Ultimate Brakes
  • SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS 1×12 Drivetrain
  • DT Swiss XRC 1200 SPLINE 29″ Wheelset


  • Amazing Full Suspension Performance
  • Dropper Posts
  • Durable Construction


  • Not Suitable For Steep Terrain
  • Not A Good Cimber 
  • Heavy Construction

2. Yeti Arc

Price: Starting at $3600

Yeti Arc
Yeti Arc

The Yeti ARC- King Of The Hardtail Mountain Bikes is one of the best bikes from Yeti, and we just absolutely love it. Yeti Bike has done some amazing work on the ARC which stands for Alloy Racing Composites. It actually refers to the tubing used in the rear wheel in the olden days. The slack head angle can be a bit weird sometimes, make sure to adjust it properly. The ARC is also considered one of the best mountain bikes for hunting, you should try it out for a big game.

The YETI ARC is one of the best MTBs I have seen that employs carbon frames in a really great way. The ride that you get from it is unmatched and I don’t think that any other bike would be able to top it. ARC did surprisingly well, in the past and they have come out even stronger after a pause of 4 years.

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Special ARC Frame
  • DT Swiss M1900 Wheels
  • Shimano SLX 12-Speed Drivetrain
  • Shimano Deore 2-Piston 180mm Hydro Brakes
  • Customized Silverado Saddle


  • One Of The Best Hardtail MTBs
  • Superior Performance and Traction
  • Powerful Brakes
  • Impressive Durability


  • Pricey

3. Yeti SB130

Price: Starting at $5399

Yeti Sb130
Yeti Sb130

The Yeti SB130 is their Quiver Killer, although it is made from the same frame as others, yeti offers something truly unique with this amazing bike. This is the kind of bike that experienced riders will really love and enjoy the most. The Yeti SB130 is a short travel bike and a long travel bike, so no matter how you use it, you will enjoy the best performance possible.

The SB130 proves to be perfect for demanding terrain, where other bikes fail, this one comes out victorious. Yes, this is one of Yeti’s expensive bikes but there is also progressive geometry to be offered like low, long, and slack.

Featuring a modern geometry design that can lead you to high speeds, you will certainly love this bike. You can even store your accessories here easily, for example, a water bottle! It makes sense that you want to get this amazing bike!

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • Shimano XT M8100 12-Speed Drivetrain
  • Shimano XT M8120 4 Piston Brakes
  • Fox Factory FIT4 36 Fork
  • DT Swiss M1700 Wheels


  • Amazing Trail Bike
  • All-Rounder Performance
  • Powerful Rear Suspension
  • Switch Infinity Suspension
  • Powerful Brakes


  • Not Suitable For Steep Climbs
  • Pricey
  • The Bottom Bracket Is Mediocre

4. Yeti SB120

Price: MSRP $7,600

Yeti Sb120
Yeti Sb120

The Yeti SB120 is one of the best short trail bikes that you will come across, made especially for epic climbs, swift descents, and long adventures, this bad boy will never let you down. If you follow an XC style of racing then the Yeti SB120 will prove to be a marvel, it will plant itself firmly when the trail gets loose and clunky. I have personally used the Yeti SB120 and I love how fast it is. 

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • TURQ Series Carbon Fiber Frame
  • Fox Factory DPS Rear Shock 
  • DT SWISS EXC 1501 CARBON 30MM Wheelset


  • Built For Fast Climbs
  • Top Speed
  • Durable Construction 
  • Powerful Brakes


  • Stock Issues 

5. Yeti 160E

Price: Starting at $8500

Yeti 160e
Yeti 160e

The Yeti 160E is one of the best electric mountain bikes that you will come across. For even the toughest Enduro race tracks all over the world, the Yeti 160E proves to be more than enough. Doesn’t matter if you want to emerge victorious in a race or become the best mountain biker, you won’t be disappointed by the performance of the Yeti 160E. Although the 160E was in production for a while, we are more than satisfied with the end product. 

Some of the best features of the bike are:

  • TURQ Series Carbon Fiber Frame 
  • FOX FACTORY 38 GRIP 2/170MM E-Tune Fork
  • SRAM CODE RSC Brakes


  • Impressive Top Speed and Range 
  • Durable Construction 
  • Stellar Handling 
  • Powerful Brakes 


  • Pricey 

Yeti- Mountain Bike Size Chart

How much fun it would be if you could enjoy all the bike sizes, although that isn’t possible! Wheel size matters when you are looking for the perfect bike for yourself. Let us show you their bike size chart that currently fits all of your bikes. 

Bikes XS S M L XL
SB6 4’11’’-5’3’’ 5’3’’-5’7’’ 5’7’’-5’11’’ 5’11’’-6’3’’ 6’3’’-6’6’’
SB5 4’11’’-5’3’’ 5’3’’-5’7’’ 5’7’’-5’11’’ 5’11’’-6’3’’ 6’3’’-6’6’’
SB130 4’11’’-5’3’’ 5’3’’-5’7’’ 5’7’’-5’11’’ 5’11’’-6’3’’ 6’3’’-6’6’’
SB140 4’11’’-5’3’’ 5’3’’-5’7’’ 5’7’’-5’11’’ 5’11’’-6’3’’ 6’3’’-6’6’’
SB150 N/A N/A 5’7’’-5’11’’ 5’11’’-6’3’’ 6’3’’-6’6’’
SB165 N/A 5’1’’-5’7’’ 5’5’’-5’11’’ 5’10’’-6’3’’ 6’1’’-6’7’’
ARC N/A 5’1’’-5’7’’ 5’5’’-5’11’’ 5’10’’-6’3’’ 6’1’’-6’7’’

Note: The following bike size chart shows the different size settings for the various bikes from Yeti. Just use the aforementioned size and you will land on the perfect-sized bike for yourself!

What About Their Return Policy?

Sometimes we get excess of what we originally wanted or sometimes we just don’t need it anymore. You would be pleased to know that products bought from Yeti can be returned to them, but you have to meet some requirements.

You need to make the returns within 30 days of purchase, after the time period, the returns will not be entertained. If by any chance, the products are defective or are damaged then the buyer would have to pay for the return shipping costs. Just like other prominent bike brands, they are customer-friendly with their return policy.

Yeti’s Killer Technology- A Game Changer

Yeti is linked with innovation and their technology is already making huge improvements in the bike industry. Even the mountain bikes of today have been inspired by John Parker’s designs. The secret to their success has been the amazing ability to take risks, which they take in abundance.

With those high risks, come high rewards which the company and its loyal customers enjoy. They have never become shy about making a new bike or something else entirely. Let’s discuss their main specialties: The Ultra Lightweight Carbon Frames and Switch Infinity Suspension System.

Even with their newest electric bikes, they are going beyond the call of duty. If you have tried out the Aventon Sinch, then you are going to love what they have in store for you.

Bringing You The TURQ and C/Series Carbon Frames

Carbon Fiber is used to manufacture all the bikes from Yeti. By using carbon fiber, they can make bikes that are durable, lightweight, and race-ready. Don’t worry about the standards of the bikes that they make, they are top-notch. 

The ride that you get from these bikes is exemplary and no other brand is able to top that. With that being said, Yeti actually makes two types of carbon frames:

  • C/Series
  • TURQ

C/Series bikes are more affordable and have a medium build, so if you are looking for a good ride to start then try them out! Their frames are actually 225g/frame heavier in comparison to the TURQ versions.

TURQ on the other hand is premium and their bikes are very lightweight. If you were looking for the best ride possible then try them out. TURQ offers a great balance between compliance and resilience, something that riders love.

The Switch Infinity Suspension System

The Switch Infinity is the company’s proprietary suspension system. It is a system that uses a translating pivot, which basically changes the direction of the bike through its rear end.

This Switch Infinity Suspension System then makes sure that the anti-squat properties are in effect, when this is in effect, the pedaling performance is increased and the rear shocks from the bottom bracket are lessened.

The Switch Infinity Suspension System was developed with the help of Fox Racing Shox, so the Fox Factory also uses this concept.

This means that even in the worst riding conditions, Yeti Bikes will offer you the best possible performance ever!

Road Bikes From Yeti

The company’s main dedication is of course mountain bikes but that does not mean that they don’t offer anything else than that. They even make some amazing road bikes that you can try out such as GMC Denali road bike!

Armed with the switch infinity link, these bikes offer something unique like slack head angles. The components that they are built with are also great, an example is the SRAM X01 Eagle.

These road bikes are offered for men, women, and even kids, this is done so that everyone can enjoy their amazing products.

Yeti Online Store: How’s The Experience?

Yeti has an amazing online presence, and they offer the same kind of service when it comes to their dedicated stores. It reminds me of Huffy Bikes sometimes, the sheer dedication both of these companies put in their products is almost the same. If you don’t want to buy directly from them, you can try out other online vendors which will get you whatever kind of bike you require.

Do They Offer International Shipping? Have To Include

This question has been asked by many riders, a few years back people were dissatisfied with how Yeti was offering its products to international customers. All of that has been changed now, they ship internationally, making all of their customers very happy.

In order to get their products shipped, customers just need to meet the specific conditions of sale that depend on their country. The process is very simple so there is actually nothing to worry about!

Different Variety Of Stores Have To Include

Have you ever heard of a bike park? The terminology may seem alien to you but it just means an amusement park full of bikes. That is what the inside look of a Yeti Cycles Store looks like, you feel like you are in wonderland. Yeti has established its flagship stores all over the country and in all the stores, this is done to meet the ongoing demand for their products.

Riders are going to love what Yeti is offering, from amazing trail bikes to high-end mountain bikes, they have it all. Many riders actually complain that the company has too many amazing products and that confuses them.

You can either get these amazing products in-store or get them delivered to your home. Right now, there is a massive cult that worships Yeti Cycles for what they have brought to the industry.

Yeti Bikes Reviews: What Does The Cycling Community Have To Say?

Yeti Bikes is an amazing bike brand, but we want you to hear it from the cycling community and what they have to say about the brand. Let’s have a look!

I have never met anyone with a Yeti who said they regretted buying it.

I have also never met anyone who bought a Yeti whose next bike was also a Yeti. (cat_named_virtue Via Reddit


Yeti has good support which is a major plus. I can still get full suspension rebuild kits for my 2010 575. When I was rebuilding the suspension, I asked a question and got an immediate response from support.
They have a fairly unique suspension design and leverage curve.
The major problem with the previous generation is you couldn’t fit a stupid bottle. (FencingNerd Via Reddit)


Yeti makes good bikes, no doubt about it. I would argue they are a little behind the curve in terms of geometry, but otherwise good. Their bikes are expensive. Really expensive. IMHO there are other options that are fairly similar at half the cost (though then you can’t get that cool turquoise paint job …) (aireeek Via Reddit)


Question: Are Yeti Bikes Any Good?

All the products from Yeti are amazing, my personal favorites are the ARC and the Yeti SB140 and SB150.

Question: How Much Travel Does A Yeti SB150 Have?

The Yeti SB150 has a travel of 150mm and features a Fox Factory Float X2 Rear Shock.

Question: Is Yeti Going To Make An E-Bike?

Yes, the Yeti 160E is one of the newest additions to their portfolio. 

Question: Are Yeti Bikes Expensive? 

Yet Bikes are not expensive but they are a bit pricier than other options in the market. You can get a decent Yeti Bike for around $2,000.

Question: Are Yeti Bikes Tubeless?

Yeti is known for bedding the brakes in during production, most of their bikes are also tubeless. They also make sure that their bikes require minimal assembly when they arrive at the customer’s doorstep.

Question: How Big Is Yeti Bikes As A Brand?

Since its birth in 2006, Yeti has sold thousands of bikes. In 2022, they were able to generate a whopping sale of $470 million.


Yeti Bikes is an amazing bike company, we have already established that. They have some of the best products that you can choose from and their philosophy inspires us. They say that they want to make the bikes/they make the kind of bikes that they want to ride and that shows true dedication to their goals. Yeti knows what every mountain biker wants, you can see that all of their products are the result of undying dedication, there is no topping their expertise when it comes to mountain bikes.

Their unique take on technology opens a path for many innovations and ground-breaking technology. How fun will their next project be? We don’t know, but we do know that it will be amazing! Which Yeti Bike is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below!

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