My Bike Tire Keeps Popping – 7 Common Causes And Solutions!

Mechanic Removes Bike Tire From Wheel

Tire popping can get you stuck in unfavorable conditions. The common causes are Lack Of Required Air Pressure, Over inflation, Punctures, Worn Treads, and Hitting Potholes more frequently. This one issue is enough to single-handedly ruin our cycling experience. This is why, today I will guide you through the most Common Causes of Why Your … Read more

Why Do Bike Tires Keep Losing Air? Pressure Loss Explained!

Why Bike Tires Lose Pressure

Flat bike tires are one of the biggest frustrations you have to face as a bike owner. It doesn’t mean that you are neglecting your bicycle. However, that is one of the reasons that bicycle tires go flat. Other reasons include a worn-out bicycle tire, problems with the tube, or maybe a person pinching your … Read more

Mountain Bike Tire Size Chart: A Guide to Tire Sizes

Bike Tire Size Chart

In the 90’s, when the mountain biking industry experienced a huge boost, Cannondale was the first to use a 24″ rear wheel. They used it in the “Beast of the East” edition. Following suit, Wes Williams, the owner of  Willits, advised for what we today know as 29er. Do you know that now there is … Read more

A Buyers’ Guide On Clinchers vs. Tubular vs. Tubeless Tires

Several cyclists have found themselves in dangerous situations where their tires suddenly explode. Such situations are usually caused by using inappropriate tires for specific bike needs. This guide details all the necessary information a new cyclist needs to know about different bike tires: Clinchers vs. tubular, tubeless vs. clinchers, and tubular vs. tubeless. Regardless of … Read more