How To Extend The Life of E-Bike Battery: Tested Tips

Extend E-Bike Battery Life

It’s true that the users of Electric Bikes also get to enjoy many benefits, including superior maneuverability, no parking fee, reduced carbon footprint, and much more. All of these advantages are just the tip of the iceberg.  Technological advancement has also made electric bikes more adaptable than ever before. They can be used anywhere, from … Read more

Fastest Electric Bikes – The Fastest Machines You Can Buy Right Now

Fastest Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles are limited to 20 mph for Class 1 and 2 e-bikes, and 28 mph for Class 3 in the USA. Couldn’t this limit be removed? Good question. Yes! But that would be unsafe. These limits are set by the law and are there for your good. But e-bikes certainly have more speed to … Read more

How To Install Motor On A Mountain Bike In 8 Simple Steps

Install Motor On Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are fascinating machines, aren’t they? You can ride them on the roughest terrains and enjoy the thrill. But being a mountain biker, I have always had the itch to take things to the next level. How did I do that? Great question! I installed a motor. And I love the extra power I … Read more

RadRover 6 Plus Review: Is It The Ultimate Electric Bike?

Young Woman Excursion With Her Bicycle

There has been a rapid growth in the popularity of electric bikes. They have almost become a part of our daily lives.  You will be surprised to know that just in 2021, the NPD Group showed an increase of 70% in the sales of electric bikes in The United States. While the global electric bike … Read more

Unveiling Qu-Et’s “Unfair Advantage”: Will It Dominate Urban E-Bikes?

UA E-Bike

These days finding an electric bike can be really hard, every brand is trying to copy each other. Since there is a lack of originality, we needed a fresh change of pace and Qu-Et’s “Unfair Advantage” Electric Bike is giving us that. This is an upcoming project on Indiegogo which every bike enthusiast would love … Read more

Introducing Montague’s M-E1: The World’s First Foldable Electric Bike

Montague M E1

They say greatness takes time, and when I see the Montague Corporation at work, I really believe that statement. Even when David Montague (Founder Of Montague Corporation) was hard at work at MIT, he wanted to create a timeless bicycle, and looks like his company has finally done it. Yes, the company has a lot … Read more

My Akatora: The Newest Invention From My Boo Is Certainly A Bambooistic Masterpiece

My Akatora

People are getting more and more conscious about their lifestyle choices, they are actually caring about the world more now. Let’s talk about electric bikes, for example, majority of the people are drawn to them because of their amazing environmental benefits. Apart from those benefits, they are also amazing performance-wise. So, I have to introduce … Read more

The Driven Orbit Drive: A Game-Changing Gearbox eBike Motor

Driven Orbit Drive

We saw a lot of brilliant inventions at Eurobike, Frankfurt but the main attraction for us was the Driven Orbit Drive: An Exemplary Gearbox EBike Motor. Driven is a completely new company, funded by CeramicSpeed, when they introduced the concept of their newest gearbox motor, we were completely in awe. This is an all-in-one gearbox … Read more

Urban Luxury on Wheels: Discover the Mercedes-AMG Electric Scooter

Mercedes Amg E Scooter

If you are a Mercedes-AMG owner then you already know what the brand can offer to its customers: Luxury and Brilliance, and you can now get the same from their electric scooter which is getting quite popular. Just like any Mercedes car, this scooter is an absolute bliss to ride, and the performance is exemplary … Read more

Canyon Spectral:ON Upgraded With GPS Tracking, Canyon Smart App, Security, And Much More

Canyon Spectralon

Canyon is growing in popularity, thanks to their new Spectral:ON E-Bike, they have quietly added three new upgrades to the bike which have made it more capable, fun, and competitive. We did not expect these upgrades to land so soon, it sure is a surprise but a welcome one! What’s new this time around? You … Read more

Transform Your Family’s Commute with Fabriga Modula: The Ultimate Modular Cargo E-Bike

Fabriga Modula

Two-wheelers are in great demand these days. Banking on that incredible demand, Italian bike manufacturer Fabriga Cycles have launched the Fabriga Modula, a foldable electric modular cargo bike. Why do you need to be excited about this bike? Well for starters, it is reliable, durable, and completely foldable but that isn’t even the best part … Read more

Best Electric Bikes Under $3000 In 2024- A Guide For A Perfect Ride

Top Electric Bikes Under $3000

Owning an electric bike does not mean that you have to spend a fortune. While a $3000 bike is not going to get you a top-of-the-line electric bike, it certainly will fulfill your electric biking dreams. There might be a few things that you will have to compromise on, but it is nothing that will … Read more

Top 10 Best Electric Road Bikes For All Riders

Top Electric Road Bikes

Electric road bikes have an electric motor that assists them with functioning. This motor can be a rear hub motor or can be fitted in the bottom bracket of the bike. The world has accepted e-bikes because of their versatility and usefulness. You can use them for fast commuting or ride them for fitness, electric … Read more

Electric Bike Popularity Soars: Top States Leading the Charge Revealed in New Study

Electric Bike Study

Hawaii is the top state for e-bike interest, according to our analysis. California and Utah follow as the second and third most interested. Western US states lead the pack in electric bike interest with many in top five. Having expertise in electric bicycles, we have recently conducted a study to determine which states in the … Read more

The Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2024 For Hauling!

Electric Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes have been around since the 1800s when they were used by merchants in Holland to deliver and move their goods around the country. The idea seems to have stuck over the years, so these businessmen must have been on to something. People today are looking for the best electric cargo bike to easily … Read more

Introducing HeyBike Tyson: A Foldable Electric Bike For Everyone

Heybike Tyson Cover

Heybike has unveiled its Tyson foldable electric bike and it looks jaw-dropping! If you want to see it in person then you are in luck because Heybike just announced that they will be bringing the Tyson to CES Las Vegas 2023. The Tyson requires your immediate attention, it offers convenience and portability like none other. … Read more

Best Electric Bikes For Seniors – Reviewed and Ranked

Electric Bikes For Seniors

As a senior, we sometimes have time to resume long-forgotten hobbies. Or maybe, take up a new hobby such as cycling. I have often come across seniors who wanted to try out cycling but were afraid that it would require too much energy. But here’s the good part! I always tell them I have something … Read more

Best Electric Bikes For Snow and Winter Commute- Reviewed and Ranked (2024)

Best Electric Bikes in Snow

We love the Winter months because they bring joy and relaxation back into our lives, we are blessed with Christmas and then the Holidays start. For cyclists, winter can be really challenging and cruel. These months present the most unfavorable riding conditions: Dense fog, Sub-zero temperatures, Snow, and Slippery roads. These conditions are not suitable … Read more

HovBeta 2.0: The Perfect Solution To Your Winter Cycling Woes

Hovbeta 2 0 Cover

Discovering new bike manufacturers can go either way, they could turn out to be amazing and full of surprises or they could just disappoint. We recently discovered a Canadian Bike Brand by the name of HOVSCO and were stunned by their products. HOVSCO takes pride in making exceptional electric bikes and since these type of … Read more

7 Best Budget Electric Mountain Bikes

Best Budget Mountain Bikes

Budget electric bikes are affordable as compared to regular electric mountain bikes. A regular mountain e-bike will cost you between $3000-$10,000 or more. Whereas a budget electric mountain bike can be found even for under $1000. Isn’t that amazing? Well, yes, you are right. There is certainly a difference in the quality of the components … Read more

Black Friday 2022 Bike Deals: Where To Find Amazing Bike Deals This Year

Black Friday 2022 Bike Deals

Black Friday is nearly upon us (A week to go!), but that isn’t stopping famous retailers from offering stellar pre-deals on everything about bikes. These are not mega sales but are still very impressive and we will cover only the best deals for you. If you are looking for some amazing deals on cycling computers, … Read more

Best Electric Bikes With Longest Range in 2024 – Reviewed & Ranked

Best Electric Bikes

Frankly saying, I find gas-powered vehicles very expensive. More so when there is a more affordable alternative available! What’s that? Well, I thought you’d never ask. Electric bikes! Wait, Wait, Hear me out. Long-Range Electric Bikes are great for short and long distances. You can use them for almost any kind of adventure. Where there … Read more

U.S. Customers To Only Get 100 Limited Edition MoonBikes: Enhance Your Winter Now!

Moonbikes Cover

Winter is going to be very exciting, at least for the U.S. customers anyway. If you are in the United States, you will be able to get a MoonBike for yourself very soon and that is the perfect option for winter traversal. If you don’t know about MoonBikes, here is an exciting refresher. Winter Seasons … Read more

Denago’s City Model 1 E-Bike Offers Urban Commuting Like None Other

Denago Feature Image

Denago might be a relatively young bike company but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable of launching spectacular bikes, take the City Model 1 E-Bike for example. You might have heard about Denago from either your friends or relatives, it is a house bike brand of, an online marketplace where every type of … Read more

Electric Bikes vs Cars – Can Electric Bikes Replace Cars?

Electric Bikes Vs Cars

Can an Electric Bike Replace A Car? Let’s find out! This is a good question! The answer? Well, it’s not that simple. It depends. Your current situation and the kind of lifestyle you are pursuing influence the decision.  There are also some other things that will help decide and answer. Like, Which type of area do … Read more

7 Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults

Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults

Electric Scooters are remarkable, they have opened up new ways of travel. These are environmentally friendly vehicles, and since the industry is diving into “Uncharted” territory, they are being used by everyone. It’s fairly right for someone heavy to want to ride one too. And guess what! Now you can! There are electric scooters in … Read more

10 Best Adult Electric Tricycles To Choose From!

Best Adult Electric Tricycles

Riding a bike is a good source of relaxation and exercise. But the activity can be straining. With all the pulling and pushing, it’s not easy to ride a bike every day if you are out of form. But that does not mean you can’t have in on the fun! What about having a bicycle … Read more

The Best Electric Hunting Bike- Reviews and Buying Guide 2024

Best Electric Hunting Bikes

Electric Bikes are highly capable machines that you can use for a variety of purposes, may it be road biking, mountain biking, or even hunting. Think of it like this, when you are out on the field, you need a bike to quickly traverse the rough terrain, and set up traps, electric hunting bikes are … Read more