Bianchi Impulso RC: A Fusion Race-Winning Gravel Bike!

Impulso Rc

Bianchi, the UK-based Italian brand has been bringing creativity to the cycling world since 1885. You might think 13 decades of innovation would be enough but let me stop you right there! Bianchi Impulso has blown our witts by introducing their new gravel bike targeting racing! Yes, you heard it right! A race-winning gravel bike! … Read more

Women’s Bike Size Charts — Explained!

Women Bike Size Chart

It is a well-known fact that women have been breaking barriers and shattering records since the dawn of time, this shows that they can conquer almost everything that comes their way. We can see amazing and powerful women performing miracles on two wheels, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. We know that … Read more

Gravel Bike Tire Size Guide – Everything Explained!

Gravel Bike Tire Size Guide

Riding on rocky roads with the wrong tire size is not only uncomfortable but also very dangerous. You can be knocked out within seconds of starting out your ride since the wrong tire size will not provide enough traction or the right amount of grip that you need to ride on gravel.  We get it! … Read more

Gravel Bike Size Chart: Learn Everything From Sizing To Geometry (Ultimate Guide!)

Gravel Bike Size Chart

Have you ever tried a gravel bike before? If not, then there is a lot that you have missed out on. Gravel Bikes are designed to cover everything, you can take them out for long-range racing or for wild adventures in the woods, with these bikes, you will always feel unstoppable! When it comes to … Read more

Rollin’ On The Rocks: A Review Of The Gravel Monster “The Kona Sutra”


There are many different words to introduce The Sutra. It’s practical. It looks great. It’s pretty adaptable, and it’s all set up for the long haul of your dream bike tour. A Brooks seat and matching microfiber bar tape adorn our Kona Cromoly steel frame, which also features integrated shifter/brake levers, standard fenders, and a … Read more

What Is A Gravel Bike? Everything You Need To Know About The All-Rounder Machine

Gravel Bike Guide

Since bikes have become one of the most famous and favored modes of transport, you can now have a bike for every activity. There are bikes for every type of surface, distance, profile, and even every day of the week, this is surely the age of bikes. With that being said, we are going to … Read more

Best Gravel Bikes – Your Complete Guide On The Top Gravel Bikes

Best Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes are fun, easy, and comfortable to use, they are also known as an all-rounder and adventure bikes. Their unique construction allows them to perform well in any kind of terrain, may it be service roads or dirt tracks. You can call them a jack of all trades, they do a better job than … Read more