11 Reasons Why Your Bike Is So Hard to Pedal With Solutions!

Bicycle Woes Cyclist Fixing The Bike

Do you know what’s frustrating? When you are ready to hit the road but the bicycle just refuses to budge! What’s wrong with your bike? Why won’t it move? Well, the most common reason why your bike won’t pedal forward is because either your bike is Poorly Maintained or you have Rusted Crank Arms to … Read more

Unveiling The New RedShift Arclight Pedals: Here To Make Your Riding Safer And Smarter


RedShift just launched their Arclight Pedals. What’s new? They are not just any pedals, These are illuminating paired with some other very “smart” features which make them Safer and Sturdier. Cruising through the city on your bike carefree is probably one of the best feelings in the world. What’s even better is being able to … Read more

Best Mountain Bike Pedals: MTB Flat Pedals And Clipless Options

Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Pedals are an important component of a bicycle and need I say why? How else are you supposed to run it on the track? The right pedal makes a huge difference. In mountain bikes, you can use two kinds of pedals. Flat Pedals and Clipless.  In my expertise, flat pedals are good for beginners because … Read more