10 Best Carbon Road Bikes Under $2000

Carbon Fiber Bikes are ranked as the strongest and the lightest! Let's discuss some of the best carbon bikes that you can get under $2000!
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Being a bike enthusiast, all I want is to have the strongest and fastest bikes but I also want them to be reasonably priced. But the bike prices are going North! Most good quality bikes are worth more than $15000. Spending such an amount on a road bike does not make sense to me at least!

But there is an alternative! I am talking about carbon road bikes. Technological advancement has contributed to the creation of some cool carbon road bikes that are buyable. Now, you might think isn’t steel the best option for a durable bike? Good question. Do you know that carbon is 10 times stronger than steel?

Isn’t it great if you can get a durable road bike and that too under $2000? I thought so! That’s why, after scouring the internet for hours, I have come up with this list. That is why we have compiled this list to guide you through some of the best carbon road bikes under $2000.

Top 10 Carbon Road Bikes Ranked

Bike Number Bike Name Unique Feature Price
1 SAVA HERD 6.0 Shock-proof carbon seat-post for vibration reduction $1,899
2 SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 Shimano Ultegra 8000 Groupset for high-end performance $2,098
3 Orro Gold Evo 105-FSA R800 Internal Cable Routing (Partial) for a neat finish $1,999
4 Focus Izalco Race 105 Prologo Kappa 3 Saddle for enhanced comfort $1,966.31
5 Brilliant L Train Road Bike Grease-free Gates Carbon Drivetrain for smooth operation $749.99
6 Emonda ALR 5 Blend of aluminum and carbon for a unique frame $1,999.99-$2,299.99
7 Ribble R872 Disc Allows almost endless customization for personalization From $1,345.00
8 SAVADECK Warwinds 3 Tron or Star Wars-inspired design for a futuristic look $1,199.00-$1,299.00
9 Vitus Zenium CR Fully made from Carbon Fiber for a lightweight structure $2,099.00
10 Priority Apollo Gravel Internal gear hub for reduced maintenance and chain-free rides $1,999.00

Note: All prices mentioned are subject to change.

Let’s get started!

1. SAVA HERD 6.0 – Editor’s Choice

Price: MSRP $1,899

SAVA HERD 6.0 T800 Carbon Bike
SAVA HERD 6.0 T800 Carbon Bike


Brand Reputation Known for providing excellent value.
Component Quality Impressive components at an affordable price.
Tire Size Features 28mm tires for enhanced performance and comfort.
Construction Material Carbon construction for a lightweight feel.
Weight Weighs approximately 8.7 kg.
Terrain Suitability Suitable for hilly terrains.
Groupset Equipped with Shimano 105 groupset.
Gender Availability Available for both men and women.
Alternate Version 5.0 version available with a lower-end groupset.

My favorite feature is the carbon seat-post of the bike is shock-proof so you’ll be safe from vibrations and other kinds of shocks.


  • Amazing Value For The Price
  • Great Aerodynamic 
  • Outstanding Ride Quality


  • Makes Clicking Noise 
  • Requires Professional Tunning 
Editor's Choice: The SAVA Herd 6.0 is my top choice because it delivers more value than we pay for. From the overall carbon construction of the bike to the components, it feels like a feather but is quite strong. You are going to have a lot of fun with this bike!

2. SAVADECK Phantom 2.0

Price: MSRP $2,098

Savadeck Phantom
Savadeck Phantom


Gorgeous Look One of the most gorgeous-looking carbon race bikes.
Value for Money The price compared to the return value is exceptional.
Full Carbon Construction Fork, frame, and seat posts are all made from carbon.
Aerodynamic Design Carbon 50mm deep wheels contribute to great aerodynamics.
Shimano Components The bike features Shimano components, enhancing its appeal.
Full Carbon Aerodynamic Bike A complete carbon aerodynamic bike with a sleek design.
Powerful Rim Brakes Equipped with powerful rim brakes for effective stopping.
Shimano Ultegra 8000 Groupset The Shimano Ultegra 8000 Groupset offers accuracy and lightness.
Price Range Positioned under the 2K range, despite featuring Ultegra components.

If you want to ride the bike on hilly trails you can easily do that, thanks to the heavy gears of the bike. May it be in the Netherlands or North America, this AERO bike is going to do wonders for you!


  • Well-Packed 
  • Easy Assembly (30 Mints Top)


  • Slow For An Aerodynamic Bike 
  • Deep Rims Catch Crosswinds
Why I Like It: If you live in flat areas and are struggling to find a great road bike then the SAVADECK Phantom 2.0 is the best option for you. Featuring the Shimano Ultegra 8000 Groupset and other high-end components, it just gives great value to the rider. It might not be that fast but it certainly gets the job done!

3. Orro Gold Evo 105-FSA R800

Price: MSRP $1,999

Orro Gold Evo
Orro Gold Evo



Feature Details
Construction Material The Orro Gold Evo is constructed entirely from carbon, distinguishing it as one of the few carbon bikes in the market. It shares a similar construction style with the Cinelli Veltrix but comes at a more affordable price.
Bike Type An endurance bike designed to support long-distance rides and excel in hilly terrains.
  • Shimano 150 Groupset: Impressive components contributing to enhanced bike performance.
  • FSA Chainset: A quality chainset that, combined with the Shimano 150 Groupset, boosts overall bike performance.
Gearing Changing gears on the Orro Gold Evo feels faster and smoother, providing a seamless riding experience.
Internal Cable Routing (Partial) The bike features Internal Cable Routing (Partial), delivering a neat and aesthetically pleasing finish.
Brake System Mechanical disc brakes.


  • Great Customer Service 
  • Amazing Shifting 
  • Comfortable


  • Lacks Hydraulic Disc Brakes 
  • Noisy Rotors 
Why I Like It: The Orro Gold Evo is like a better version of the Cinelli Veltrix, and I love that! You get more than the Veltrix and at less price, if you were looking for an amazing endurance bike to start then the Orro Gold is one of the best options to go for!

4. Focus Izalco Race

Price: MSRP $1,966.31

Focus Izalco Race 105
Focus Izalco Race 105


Feature Details
Manufacturer Focus
Model Izalco Race Bike
Frame Material Full carbon frame and fork with no mixtures.
Saddle Prologo Kappa 3 Saddle known for its comfort. Anatomically shaped saddle shell with lightweight foam padding, ideal for longer routes.
Complete Package The Izalco Race is a well-built machine, offering a complete package without compromising on quality.
Brake Levers While the brake levers were initially too high, the issue was quickly resolved.

The Shimano RS010N Wheelset does a really good job, you will be able to traverse the road quite quickly without any kind of problems.


  • Quality Ride 
  • Efficient Handling 


  • Slow
  • Wheels Need An Upgrade
Why I Like It: The Focus Izalco Raceoffers really impressive performance. It is an absolute beast if you use it for long trips and touring, although be careful with the brake levers.

5. Brilliant L Train Road Bike

Price: MSRP $749.99

Brilliant L Train Road Bike
Brilliant L Train Road Bike


Feature Details
Bike Model Brilliant L Train Road Bike
Performance An affordable road bike that is both stylish and performs exceptionally well.
Braking System Powerful disc brakes for effective stopping.
Drivetrain Grease-free Gates Carbon Drivetrain for smooth and efficient operation.
Frame Material Lightweight double-butted carbon frame, providing strength and support for the groupset.
Performance on Hills The drivetrain allows you to traverse any kind of hill and terrain with no restrictions, ensuring amazing performance.
Specifications While the bike may not have the highest specifications, it offers a good balance of lightweight carbon construction and quality components.


  • Flawless Shifting 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable Grips


  • Time-Taking Assembly
  • Wheels Require Truing
Why I Like It: Bikes from Brilliant are durable and offer really good performance too. The components are good enough for the price and I love the design of the bike. If you love simple entry-level bikes then the L Train is going to be perfect for you!

6. Emonda ALR 5

Price: MSRP $$1,999.99-$2,299.99

Emonda ALR 5
Emonda ALR 5


Feature Details
Bike Model Trek Emonda ALR 5
Frame Material Genius blend of both aluminum and carbon.
Color Pitch-black construct, creating a visually stunning appearance.
Design Combines the best elements from both aluminum and carbon frames, achieving a special and unique construction.
Frame Feel Feels more carbon than aluminum, providing a high-quality and lightweight experience.
Highlighted Features
  • Shimano 105 groupset
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes
Special Designation Deemed as the “Lightweight Aluminum Perfection.”


  • Smooth 
  • Customizable


  • Difficult Handling 
Why I Like It: The Emonda ALR 5 is a blend of aluminum and carbon. If you want a powerful bike for those long tours or races then this might be a perfect choice.

7. Ribble R872 Disc

Price: MRSP  From US$1,345.00

Ribble R872 Disc
Ribble R872 Disc


Feature Details
Bike Model Ribble R872
Customization Allows almost endless customization from the official website.
Recommended It is recommended to go for available upgrades for enhanced performance.
Seat Posts Alloy seat posts replaced with carbon, providing better comfort for longer rides.
Bike Builder The bike builder option allows you to choose a variety of upgrades.
Shimano Groupset Features Shimano 105 hydraulic groupset for amazing standard performance.
Cassette Equipped with an 11-32 cassette for quick and efficient gear changes.
Handlebar Ergonomically placed handlebar for comfortable riding.


  • Mavic Wheels
  • Amazing Design and Performance


  • Isn’t A Big Brand( If That Matters To You)
Why I Like It: I always go for performance and design, brand is something that doesn't matter to me that much. If you love brands then you are not going to love the Ribble R872 but if you are a hearty person and love surprises then definitely check out this amazing bike.

Read more about Ribble Bikes here.

8. SAVADECK Warwinds 3

Price: MSRP $1,199.00-$1,299.00

Savadeck Warwinds 3
Savadeck Warwinds 3


Feature Details
Bike Model SAVADECK Warwinds 3
Design Tron or Star Wars-inspired design for a futuristic look.
Material Frame made from carbon fiber for lightweight and accurate performance.
Performance Offers unmatched value with an extremely lightweight and accurate feel.
Comfort Carbon frame provides smoothness, absorbs shocks, and minimizes vibrations for a comfortable ride.
Gear System Features a Shimano 6800 Gear System for versatile traversal of different terrains.
Stopping Power Equipped with Sava Warwind Shimano 6800 derailleur brakes for maximum stopping power.

The Sava Warwind Hutchison tires do a great job of boosting the potential of the bike, you will always have the ultimate grip on the road. 


  • Easy Assembly 
  • Value For Money 


  • Generic Pedals 
  • Cheap Derailleurs 
Why I Like It: The Warwinds 3 Bike is constructed to give the perfect performance/comfort combo to the rider. Although it is a bit pricey.

9. Vitus Zenium CR

Price: MRSP $2,099.00

Vitus Zenium CR
Vitus Zenium CR


Feature Details
Bike Model Vitus Zenium CR
Construction Fully made from Carbon Fiber, providing a lightweight and high-performance structure.
Models Available in two models – CR for men and CRW for women.
Affordability Affordable price tag due to economies of scale.
Brakes Equipped with hydraulic brakes for efficient and reliable stopping power.
Tires Vittoria Zaffiro tires ensure excellent traction and responsiveness.

The frame and fork of the bike are made with true dedication using Toray T700 carbon fiber cloth. That’s where you can see true dedication. 


  • Amazing Durability
  • Lightweight


  • Limited Color Choices 
Why I Like It: Bikes from Vitus uphold the company's values of delivering a top-notch product to the customer. Considering the price point, features, and performance, the Vitus Zenium CR puts a lot of superbikes to shame.

Read more about Vitus Zenium Bikes here.

10. Priority Apollo Gravel

Price: MRSP $1,999.00 

Priority Apollo Gravel
Priority Apollo Gravel


Feature Details
Bike Model Priority Apollo Gravel
Design Light and versatile gravel bike with a unique and attention-grabbing design.
Handlebars Equipped with drop-bar handlebars for a comfortable riding experience.
Frame Forward-leaning frame designed for both smooth pavements and jagged trails.
Gearing Internal gear hub for reduced maintenance and trouble-free rides without dealing with chains.
Usage Suitable for long tours, providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Did I forget to mention that the bike is extremely fast and durable too? There is never a delay with brakes and absolute stopping power in your hands.


  • Versatile 
  • Easy Maintainance 
  • Durable 


  • Long Stem 
  • Wheels Need Trueing 
  • Difficult Shifting 
Why I Like It: How would you react if you got a water-proof belt drive with the bike that you just got? The Priority Apollo Gravel is an amazing bike and you should be every bit as excited as I am. You won't ever have to worry about any kind of chains or derailleurs with this bike. The weight of the bike is only 10kgs so that still is under the realm of lightweight.

Road Bike Size Chart

Size Rider Height (Feet & Inches) Frame Size
XX-Small 4’10’’-5’0’’ (47cm-48cm)
X Small 5’0’’-5’3’’ (49cm-50cm)
Small 5’3’’-5’6’’ (51cm-53cm)
Medium 5’6’’-5’9’’ (54cm-55cm)
Large 5-9’’-6’0’’ (56cm-58cm)
X-Large 6’0’’-6’3’’ (58cm-60cm)
XX-Large 6’3’’-6’6’’ (61cm-63cm)

Note: You can easily find the perfect-sized carbon fiber road bike for yourself by simply following the size chart.

How To Choose The Perfect Road Bike? Buying Guide

Research is going to be a game-changer here. You need to know what makes or breaks a bike, and to get a really good road bike, what things are there that you need to focus on. So let us get started!

Booster Bicycle

1. Frame Geometry Is Different And It Matters 

Most of the road bikes that you are going to come across will have sports geometry. This is best suited for those bikes that will be used 3-4 times a week, stretching up to almost 150 miles/week. These are recommended for casual users.

After that, there come road bikes with race/performance geometry. These are for professional/competitive riders. They enhance their skills while asking the riders to be more flexible with themselves. These professional bikes are going to be lighter, have a strong frame, premium components, and an expensive price tag.

2. Look Out For The Materials

Now that frame construction is over and done with, you need to pay attention to the various frame materials. Bike frames usually come in two different forms and they are:

  • Carbon-Fiber
  • Aluminum
Frame Type Carbon Fiber Aluminum
Comfort Provides comfortable and vibration-free rides. Also provides a good and comfortable experience.
Cost Comparatively expensive due to labor-intensive construction. Way less expensive than carbon fiber frames.
Customization Customizable to enhance the riding experience. Can be customized for an enhanced experience.
Preferred Use Preferred choice for professional riders. Suitable for casual and fun purposes.

3. Choose Your Pedals!

Basic bikes come with normal pedals that have toe cages but then there are the higher-end/premium models that come without pedals. This is because the company thinks that for a better and more personalized experience, you would choose the pedals yourself!

You can choose the pedals that go perfectly with your cycling shoes. After that just see that your performance gets better!

4. Brakes and Shifters

One would think that the brakes and shifters of a bike are different components, that was true at some point but with the newer models, these two components have become integrated.

Different bikes and different brands offer unique experiences and you must try them out before finalizing a choice. Both SRAM and Shimano have amazing shifters and brake sets, choose the one that suits you the most! The most important thing that you need to consider is that you have a good grip on the bike.

5. Other Key Components To Consider

Apart from the frame and the geometry, there are other key components to look out for, choosing the right components for your bike greatly affects the performance.


Component Description
Groupsets A set of matching components by renowned suppliers like SRAM and Shimano. Bikes with groupsets have a consistent and stylish design, indicating high quality.
Wheels Crucial for bike performance, affecting overall weight, acceleration, and wind resistance. While pre-built with the bike, customization and upgrading, especially with carbon wheels, can significantly enhance benefits.
Gears and Cranksets Gears and cranksets are integral to road bikes. Cranksets, responsible for rotating the rear wheel, come in different types:

  • Double/Compact Cranksets: Two chainrings, 20 gears, and a 10-speed cassette, providing various benefits.
  • Triple Cranksets: Three chainrings, 27 gears, and a 9-speed cassette, offering a different set of benefits.

Riders can upgrade or customize based on preferences, with triple or compact cranksets suitable for beginners, and double cranksets recommended for professionals.

Why Choose Carbon Fiber Rather Than Other Materials?

If you’re thinking this, you’re not wrong! Here are some advantages you will get with a carbon fiber bike:

1. These Bikes Are Extremely Light

Yes, carbon fiber bikes are extremely lightweight, strong, and durable. Using carbon fiber, manufacturers can modify the stiffness of their bikes in different ways. When a bike is fully made of carbon then the head tube and bracket will ensure maximum power delivery while there will be unmatched comfort from the seat tube.

2. Carbon Bike Deliver A Comfortable Ride

Aluminum is not able to handle shocks and vibrations. That is where carbon fiber shines. They are adept at withstanding and not transmitting vibrations/shocks that result in a smoother and comfy ride. You can always customize. If you don’t want to commit to a full carbon bike. You can always install a carbon fork that will give you the same great comfort.

3. They Are Stronger

Carbon Fiber is the type of material that gives the manufacturer more power and freedom to build whatever they want. A lot of technical improvements can be made and that results in a durable and strong bike frame. According to the tests and experiments, carbon outperforms every other kind of bike material.

4. They Are More Stable 

Carbon fiber used to be damaged by UV rays and that was a big problem for riders. That problem has been solved now. Almost all the new bike frames that are made with carbon fiber have UV stabilizers in them. If you want to use bike wash on a carbon bike, you can do that too without any kind of problems. Carbon is not susceptible to any kind of damage from these bike maintenance lubricants.

Read more

How I Choose Carbon Road Bikes- My Methodology

As a passionate enthusiast of cycling, I understand the challenge of finding a high-quality bike that fits within a budget. That’s why I’ve dedicated countless hours to researching and analyzing the best carbon road bikes on the market. I’ve scoured the web for honest reviews and feedback from verified customers, and I’ve even tested some of the top contenders myself, including the editor’s choice.

Using my extensive knowledge of bike components and their strengths and weaknesses, I’ve narrowed down the top options that offer the best value for your money.


Does A Carbon Road Bike Make A Difference?

It is all about the components first, a carbon road bike without the right components won’t do that much good. You need to combine a really good carbon bike with high-end components to make a good difference.

Are Carbon Road Bikes Good?

The evidence is all around you, you will see that all the bikes used in special races like the Tour De France used carbon race bikes. Their stiffness, performance, and strength cannot be matched.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Carbon Bike?

If you don’t get into accidents or there isn’t any other kind of damage, you will see that these carbon bikes last almost indefinitely.


Why Are Carbon Bikes So Expensive?

It is all about the layout, designs have to be tweaked, developing carbon bikes is very labor-intensive hence the high price.


Carbon Bikes are amazing, aren’t they? They are faster, stiffer, and stronger than any other bike material. They are also quite expensive as compared to the other bike so getting them under $2000 is a bit of a challenge. Still, that doesn’t mean that you cannot get lucky sometimes. 

May it be Aluminum or Steel, it cannot get any better than Carbon! These bikes are just amazing to look at, and once you get a taste of that performance, you won’t ever go for any other kind of bike again! Happy Biking!

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