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Vitus Zenium Review

For the most part, we expected the Vitus Zenium bike to feel like it was priced – decent. We couldn’t have been more mistaken. The second our team of reviewers pushed off onto the road for the maiden ride, we had smiles on our faces.

From the chunky tubes to the fixed axle crank, power transmission was not an issue. The bike responded like a charm to every one of our movements, and seemed to surpass some pretty high-end setups as it did so.

The Zenium is made for speed, as we soon came to realise. The front end is lower than normal and is coupled with a long stem. This meant that we were blazing forward most of the time as opposed to just cruising past. The Shimano wheel hoops were silent, stiff and lightweight for even faster, better rides.

Since the tyres were Schwalbe Lugano, we expected them to hinder the motion of the bike a little, but they were as nimble as some far more expensive bikes! The frame and the carbon fork along with the great saddle all made for a sporty, comfortable ride. While potholes should be avoided, you won’t be shaken to death if you do go over one. Similarly, you needn’t worry about muddy slopes and sharp corners either. The clip-ons provided more than enough protection against spray as well.

The cassette and chain were a full 20 speed Shimano Tiagra set with an FSA Gosammer Compact cassette that is built for speed, not casual riding.

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  • Sporty feel
  • Comfortable ride
  • Great build quality
  • Good power transmission
  • Lightweight, nimble feel

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  • Frame weight is a little high
  • Built more for racing than casual use


The Verdict

A sporty, powerful bike perfect for any one of a range of uses including city cycling and longer trips in relative comfort.

We had a lot of fun reviewing the Vitus Zenium. It was a pleasure to ride, and the equipment in the bike made for an epic experience overall. This is definitely one you need to consider if you are a serious cyclist!

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