How To Restore A Vintage Bike In 12 Simple Steps!

Restore A Vintage Bike

Vintage bicycles have been an interesting subject for collectors and bicycle enthusiasts. And rightly so because these bicycles are the forefathers of the bicycles as we know them today. High-wheel bikes, safety bicycles, balloon-tire bicycles, and Vintage bikes from the 19th century (before World War II) have been the center of attention of many collectors.  … Read more

5 Steps To Adjust The Front Derailleur On A Mountain Bike!

Adjust Front Derailleur

A front derailleur mechanism helps your bike shift chains. Or you can say change the gear. You’ll find it on bikes that have more than one chainring. Yes, there are a lot of models of front derailleurs but they all have the same function and design.  You know what! You will be able to ride … Read more

Average Bike Speed And Distance For Beginners- Cycling Tips To Go Further, Faster!

Average Bike Speed

Let’s face it, bolting on our cycles like we are “The Flash” is only a dream. It certainly is one without practice. You cannot expect to go to bed one day with your bicycle by your side and ride it like a professional in the morning.  I get it! We get butterflies in our stomachs … Read more

How To Fix Broken Spokes In 6 Easy Steps

Fix Broken Spokes

Spokes are the thin rods that you see between your wheel and the rim. Their basic function is to hold the wheel in shape. And while going through this, they do withstand the highest stress. Although, bike spokes are not delicate. But that does not make them indestructible! They might break which can cause a … Read more

Step Through Vs. Step Over Bikes – Which One Is Better?

Step Through vs. Step Over Bikes

The design of a bicycle is extremely important, not just for its appearance but also for its performance. Over the years, bicycle designs have evolved greatly, starting from the early 1800s when bikes were made of wood and not used for transportation. In the past two decades, the design and features of bikes have greatly … Read more