Mikel Landa Planning On Switching Grand Tour Agenda After Giro d’Italia

“Leaving a race when you haven’t been able to give it all is really hard,”

Mikel Landa Switches Grand Tour

Mikel Landa (Bahrain Victorious) might have different plans for the summer as previously stated, this comes in after Landa returned to Giro d’Italia podium after seven years. He deems this year as a successful one, as he was able to celebrate his win without any kind of health problems or even recorded accidents.

The last we saw Mikel Landa in Giro d’Italia glory was when he won the third place in 2015. In that time, his win meant a lot, the 2022 edition of the Italian Grand Tour gave a new perspective to Landa, something he wishes to put to good use.



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Prior to him starting the 2022 Giro d’Italia, Mikel Landa wanted to finish the event in pink but alas that could not happen. Not all was a loss though, he gained immense knowledge and respect that will allow him to further elevate his role as a Grand Tour Specialist. This knowledge will allow him to have a better grasp on other events in the upcoming future.

Even though Landa finished in the third position, he still considers it the “Best” result of his career as he was able to do so without any kind of bad luck or injuries. Reflecting back to the past, Landa also mentioned how multiple crashes gave him a major setback. A perfect example is of 2021 Giro d’Italia is when Landa broke his collarbone and ribs, because of this he had to withdraw from the event and was out of commission for the rest of the year.

Landa expressed how hard these circumstances can be:

Leaving a race when you haven’t been able to give it all is really hard.

Achieving a huge victory like this without any kind of injuries is enough reason for a celebration. He exceeded his own expectations which made him be proud of his performance in this years Italian Grand Tour. “If everything went well and I didn’t have a fall or any other kind of catastrophe, I knew I could be up there. We got here [to Verona], I gave it everything and I’m happy”.

With all of this glory attained, Mikel Landa wants to switch his Grand Tour plans. Landa plans to head to Vuelta a España rather than the Tour de France. Who knows this decision might work even better for the Spanish rider.

This Giro d’Italia victory has motivated Landa enough to go for his goals, It has given him the courage that he can now attain whatever he wishes for.

This result pushes me forward, helps me believe in what I can do and how I can go on trying in the future.

With this new profound strength and courage, there is no telling what Landa might do, but we do know that he has the valor to fulfill his goals now. We won’t have to wait long to see him in action again!



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