Juan Ayuso Opts To Compete At Vuelta a España Despite Testing Positive!

It looks like nothing can stop Juan Ayuso from competing for the podium win.

Juan Ayuso

Vuelta a España has become the new battleground against Covid-19. Every day there is a new soldier falling prey to the disease. But what do you call someone, who tests positive and still decides to continue with the tour? Brave or Reckless?  



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Juan Ayuso (UAE Team Emirates) the latest Covid-19 affected has decided to continue in the race, despite having a positive test. He holds the fifth position in the overall chart. This may be very dear to him, which is why he has decided not to become the 24th rider to abandon the Vuelta. The team’s doctor released an official statement on Ayuso’s health condition:

He is asymptomatic and analyzing his PCR found he had a very low risk of infectivity, similar to cases such as we saw at this year’s Tour de France. We have made the decision in consultation with medical representatives from the race organization and the UCI

He also mentioned that they are keeping a close eye on the rider’s condition:

We are aware of Juan’s clinical picture and are closely monitoring his situation.

The UCI protocols allow a rider to take part in the race despite having a positive test result. A PCR test is also performed to determine the intensity of the virus. The longer it takes to find the virus body, the more or less it will be contagious.



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A panel of doctors then analyses the test result.  They decide the future of the rider at the event. Depending on their decision, The rider can either continue or abandon the race. In the case of Juan Ayuso, the medical team has come to the decision that, the rider or staff member is not contagious and not likely to infect third persons.

Juan Ayuso himself did not feel the best ahead of stage 13 of the Vuelta. He said:

I woke up feeling rough, with a very bad headache, did three COVID-19 tests, but it proved to be nothing

Juan is making his debut at the Vuelta a España. At just 19 years of age, he has proved himself to be an outstanding cyclist. He is competing for the overall podium win, and there are chances of him winning too. He is just 4:53 behind Remco Evenepoel, the race leader.

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