Giant Rincon Review

The Giant Talon, also formerly known as the Rincon is one of the very best <a class="wpil_keyword_link" href="" title="mountain bikes" data-wpil-keyword-link="linked">mountain bikes</a> you can get. It offers the latest components from Shimano and offers one hell of a ride! Read our detailed review to find out more about the Talon!
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In the bike industry, we have many famous companies that make amazing bikes, they have a vast portfolio and they always bring something new to the table. One of those amazing companies is Giant and today we will be talking about their Talon bike, which was formerly known as the Giant Rincon.

The Rincon is an entry-level bike from Giant and it offers amazing performance that would be best suited for Bike Enthusiasts and beginners. Even if this is your first mountain bike, you would love its performance and features. 

NOTE: Before we get started with the review, we would like to share that the Rincon is no longer available, its production has stopped. The Talon is the upgraded version of the Rincon which you can get for the same price.

Giant Rincon- An Amazing Entry-Level Mountain Bike

When the Giant Rincon launched, it showed promise of exemplary performance which it actually fulfilled. This here was a mountain bike that offered something that no one else was offering at that time. For the time period that it launched, it was considered a great bike, it still is, if you can find it in the market that is!

Giant Rincon
Giant Rincon

Although a great bike is not only known by the performance it offers but also the features and components it is built with. The Rincon also came in another option which is known as the Rincon Disc and it was available in different color options, even gave users the freedom to upgrade the components for their own customized builds.

This proved that the Giant Rincon at that time was a really good bike to get a hold on. Let us talk about the technical specifications of the Rincon (Talon) bike.

Technical Specifications

  • Bike Frame Size: Available in four sizes- XS, S, M, L
  • Brakes: Tektro 832 AL Brakes
  • Shifter Type: Shimano RD-TY300
  • Tires: Wind-Resistant Tires
  • Rims: Rincon 26”-27.5″ Tires
  • Price Range: Used to be $500 (Now Discontinued)

As you can see, the Rincon was built with advanced features for that time such as the amazing hydraulic disc brakes. Although it is discontinued, the Talon offers an upgraded take on the Rincon which fans of the original bike will love! The upgraded suspension fork of the Talon is just pure bliss.

Discussing The Rincon’s Frame

If we discuss the construction of the bike then it is a very fascinating topic. The Rincon was actually a very resilient and sturdy bike, its skeleton would not break that easily. The Aluxx Grade Aluminum was used in the construction of the Rincon and it produced an efficient bike.

Giant Mountain Bikes

It is not just best for the trails, the Rincon is also an urban warrior. It is also known as the “Saddle Giant” because it offers a very comfortable saddle that can stimulate the user’s experience.

The Rincon features an “Ergonomic Design” that offers the best comfort in the market.

Both guys and gals can ride this bike easily, they can conquer whatever kind of trail they want, making this an amazing Unisex mountain bike.

Let’s talk about the suspension fork now, the Rincon disc is built with the “Suntour XCT HLO 27.5” fork which actually has a more springy feeling than the normal Rincon frame.

These upgrades are amazing because they reduce the shocks and vibrations, making the rider feel super comfortable.

The Braking Structure

Riders love the performance of disk brakes, Giant knows that, that is why the Rincon and the Rincon Disc versions have a really amazing braking structure. The Rincon uses the Tektro 832 AL disc brakes whereas the Disc version uses the Tektro HDM 285 which is a bit more effective.

Now some of you would be thinking that it is best to get two bikes- both of the Rincon versions but we would not suggest that. Get the version that suits you the most, brake pads being different doesn’t matter that much!

These hydraulic disc brakes will give the riders amazing stopping power and the best stability.

How Are The Shifters?

A bike that does not use good shifters in its construction is not a good bike at all. Although, with the Rincon, you would be very much satisfied. The normal version of the Rincon Bike uses the Shimano RD-TY300 Tourney Shifters, they offer amazing performance, whether you ride on dry surfaces or wet ones.

Some people would go for the Disc version of the Rincon, and we understand that it is a bit more advanced. The Rincon Disc Bike uses the Shimano SL-M310 Shifters, their placing is a bit weird as they are farther away from the handle. Although they are great for the money, getting used to them fully may take some time for the riders.

While both of these sets of wheels may offer something new to the table, their performance in fact resembles each other. There is not that much of a significant upgrade!

Giant Mountain Gears

What Kind Of Tires Does Giant Use?

Having amazing tires means enjoying the best possible traction on all kinds of surfaces, that is why Giant equipped the Rincon bikes with some of the best tires in the market. The Giant Rincon bike is equipped with Kenda K1104 26×1.95 tires.

The Giant Rincon Disc version though is equipped with the Kenda K1137 27.5×1.95, those are a bit larger. Larger tires obviously mean great performance for the users, even on wet surfaces.

You would be enjoying the best stability and handling with the Rincon series.

Rincon’s Rim Structure

The Giant Rincon series upgraded from the 2018 version and that was for the best. The 27.5” wheel size does wonders in terms of performance and visuals. People love it for its aesthetics and how well it handles every type of surface.

The rims are then constructed with stainless 14G spokes that are just amazing, they improve the overall traction and stability. The rear derailleur of the bike is also something to praise, just wait till you try out the bike for yourself!

Price and Availability

The Giant Rincon launched for $500 back in 2019, although that was considered a good entry-level bike. Although you can now check at Giant for the latest updates on their bikes. The Rincon series may be discontinued, you can still trade in a used bike at your local bike store. 

If a trade in is not what you prefer, you can get the Giant Talon, which is an upgraded version of the Giant Rincon! On their product page, there is a bike list that you can consult too!


The Giant Rincon is an amazing bike, both the 2018 and 2019 versions were both ahead of their time. Featuring amazing components and performing so well, they boast so many advantages that the rider can enjoy.

Upon our amazing experience with them, we came to the following conclusion:

  • Amazing Design, it is aesthetically pleasing
  • You always get amazing stability and traction
  • Multi-purpose bike
  • Great price tag, everyone can enjoy it
  • You can make your own customized builds
  • Great stopping power


Every kind of bike has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, and the Giant Rincon is no different. There are a few negative points that we got to see when we got to experience the bike first hand. This is what we think about that:

  • The Disc version of the bike has a really uncomfortable saddle
  • Gears cannot be used properly sometimes
  • Heavy structure, not being able to offer a top speed
  • Handlebar grips wear out quickly
  • Factory build doesn’t offer exemplary performance

Why Do I Like The Giant Rincon?

There are many amazing bikes in the market but what made the Giant Rincon special? Dedication and customer feedback made it amazing. When the 2018 model lacked some components and had mixed reviews, they came up with an improved model back in 2019.

You can still get this bike in used form, from different local stores or eBay. It is great for having adventures with friends and family. The performance and features will certainly amaze you!


The Giant Rincon is amazing, or should I say was amazing? Either way, it was a bike that offered so much for an affordable price tag. Both the normal and upgraded version (The Disc) offered great experiences!

You can find the bike in local stores if you get lucky or you can try out the upgraded version of the Rincon- The Giant Talon! 

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