Flavia Oliveira Grabs Overall Women’s Title At Stetina’s Carson City Paydirt

“Thanks for your patience for the last three years. It means a lot to me,”

Flavia Oliveira

Flavia Oliveira made history at the Stetina’s Carson City Paydirt as she won the overall women’s title. Her performance was quite exemplary as she had a three minute margin over Lauren Cantwell who finished at second place and Julie Young at third.

Stetina’s Carson City Paydirt was founded by none other than the Pro Cyclist Peter Stetina. In order to make things more interesting, the winner would get a payout of $4000 and that was actually confirmed.

We resolved that equal payout doesn’t make up for ground lost.

Apart from the cash payout, the top men and women that finished the race were also awarded custom-stamped pure silver ingots. As the silver mining industry is the main expertise of the Nevada Region, this made much sense.

Stetina’s Carson Paydirt had an amazing inauguration and that was helmed by Stetina, who got really emotional during the start.

Thanks for your patience for the last three years. It means a lot to me.

The event surely has humble beginnings as it just started as a Gran Fondo Ride in 2017. Seeing how popular it became in a short period of time, it was converted to a contest featuring mixed-terrain. Alas, the competition was halted for two years, we have the COVID-19 pandemic and Caldor Fire to thank for that. With its renewal, a lot of cyclists have been very excited to finally take part in this amazing contest.



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Stetina had promised cyclists that this was going to be a life-changing event. This was even made clear at the start of the contest. 

I had promised riders at the start line that, for better or worse, this was going to be one of the most unique races they have ever done. They would have timed segments, weird aid stations, they were going to traverse the Carson Valley from one mountain range to another, which is very different and feels like an expedition out there.

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The two-timed segments of the event added the fun in the competition and that is what resulted the overall standings. The competition was made in such a way that friends banded together in the dusty dessert, this still counted as a team operation rather than a solo adventure. The race event had a total distance of 102.2km with an elevation of 1,532.5 metres.

In order to make things fun and less competitive, there was even a mechanical bull at the end of the event, participants could ride it freely. They could use the bull or a tire toss to get “Alternative Time Bonuses” which would imply to their ride times. People favored the tire toss more than the mechanical bull in order to be on the safe side.

This event also saw a tribute to Moriah “Mo” Wilson who was killed two weeks ago in Austin, Texas. Wilson won the Belgian Waffle Ride California and Oliveira was the runner-up. This tribute meant a lot to Wilson’s family as they are still fighting on for the ongoing murder investigation.

As announced by Flavia Oliveira, a portion of her winnings will be donated to the foundation that Mo’s family started- #RidelikeMo.

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