Recumbent vs Spin Bikes – Which Is The Best Exercise Bike?

Recumbent Vs Spin Bikes

Exercise machines are an efficient way to target different muscles simultaneously. Once you start exercising on them, you will notice improved muscle strength. There will be more calories burned in less time. The one decision that has the most impact on your exercise routine is the type of exercise bike you will buy! There are … Read more

10 Best Exercise Bikes With Screen!

Exercise Bikes With Screen

Truth be told, I like exercising on my smart indoor trainer. Especially on the days I cannot ride my bike outside. You know when it’s raining and everything gets muddy? I don’t like skipping exercising. And if you are like me, which I am assuming you are, you don’t like it either.  You see, there … Read more

Top 6 Recumbent Bike Benefits and Drawbacks

Recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes are a great way to get some low-impact exercise. This is possible because of the unique design of a recumbent bicycle. These bikes place the rider in a reclined seating position instead of an upright seating position. They are also known as a laid-back cycle. These bikes are often favored because they reduce … Read more