Sonny Colbrelli To Get Back On His Bike As Health Improves

The Italian is cleared for leisure riding and light physical activities as his health improves after suffering unstable cardiac arrhythmia.
Colbrelli Leisure Rides

Sonny Colbrelli is making fast recovery after he suffered an unstable cardiac arrhythmia at the 2022 version of Volta a Catalunya. His condition is stable and he is also cleared for leisure rides and light physical activities. The cardiac arrest was very fatal and Sonny is very thankful for being alive, and for spending quality time with his family.

Colbrelli was admitted to the hospital right after his condition worsened and the hospital authorities confirmed that the Italian had suffered unstable cardiac arrhythmia and that it required defibrillation. It all started at the opening stage of Volta a Catalunya where he finished second but soon collapsed after crossing the finish line.

His treatment took place in an Italian hospital in Padova, and as a part of the treatment he was fitted with a subcutaneous defibrillator inserted below his collarbone, this device was installed to reset his heart if he suffered another cardiac arrest. Speculations are that Colbrelli’s career could be over as after fitted with a device like this, cyclists are not issued licenses. Either way, Sonny has made peace with whatever awaits him. He is more than happy to be home and spends quality time with his family. Sonny also shared memories of him racing events like the Paris Nice Course and Volta a Catalunya.



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According to the latest clinical examinations, his cardiovascular health is improving. Sonny was very optimistic about returning to his bike after recovery but he will have to be careful and will need to administer caution. 

Team Bahrain Victorious said:

The clinical examinations have shown further improvement of cardiovascular health, clearing Colbrelli to start taking up leisure rides and light physical activity.

The priority remains to continually monitor his condition with a close follow up in the coming months to secure his safety and resumption of regular life activities.

Will Sonny Colbrelli don Team Bahrain Victorious jersey again? Only time will tell, for now we want him to get better and regain his health fully.



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