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The Crème Vinyl is one of those track bikes that are made to look and feel incredibly classic. That is exactly what is delivered in this simple, beautiful bike that will take your breath away every single time you sit in the saddle and push the pedals.

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Creme Vinyl Uno 2019 Bikes
Creme Vinyl Uno 2019 Bikes

Crème Vinyl Review

When we first took a look at the Crème Vinyl fixed gear bike, we realized that it truly was one of the best in its class. The bike made use of a light steel frame whose dropouts were laser cut and whose seat tube was a great chromoly material. We loved the classic look and feel of the bike, which we had expected to feel like it was being tried for too hard, but was in fact incredibly natural when it came down to it.

While we rode it, we realized that it was a great bike for a commuter to use, although it wasn’t without its own flaws. For one, we noticed that the grips didn’t really have any practical uses beyond looking good, and that the clips for the cables felt a little on the cheap side. However, with some tweaks like a Brooks saddle and some authentic vintage clips, we found that the bike became a lot easier and better to ride.

Overall, we really liked how the bike was designed and made, and felt that with a few tweaks, the stock ride would be absolutely breathtaking too.


  • Light lugged steel frame
  • Classic, vintage feel
  • Smooth ride
  • Very responsive
  • Comfortable


  • Some minor sloppy details

The Verdict

The Crème Vinyl is a bike that is built for the lover of classic rides. It is well-made, well-designed and feels very vintage indeed.

Overall, from the frame and fork to the ride itself, we really liked the Crème Vinyl. While it could do with some minor improvements, it was a pretty good ride!