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Crème Molly Review

When we received the Crème Molly for review, we realized immediately that it wasn’t a bike that was built for racing or even speeding. It felt way more like a cruiser than a roadster.

We didn’t even want to drive aggressively while using it. Instead, all we wanted to do was coast along without a worry in the world. One cool thing that we noticed was that the front wheel brake was a drum type on the hub, so it didn’t stick out like a sore thumb when compared to the smoothness of the rest of the bike. The rear brake, on the other hand, is a coaster.

The aura of the entire bike, and the focus of the design, is aimed at nostalgia. The basket on the front of the bike (which was completely detachable) is absolutely lovely. It is the perfect bike for cycling up to the local farmer’s market on a Sunday morning, loading the basket up with veggies and riding back.

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  • Handy basket on the front
  • Well-spaced fender and chainguard
  • Vintage feel
  • Perfect for casual cycling
  • Versatile – the best choice for any occasion

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  • Can’t do anything above casual cycling
  • Only 3 speeds


The Verdict

The ultimate casual women’s bicycle, this little guy is perfect for smaller riders and feminine frames, as well as shopping trips to the local market!

Our review of the Crème Molly went perfectly well. While we did appreciate that it was meant for casual riding only, it would have been nice to see something like better suspension, especially if it is for something like country roads. However, we do recommend the Molly for any lady who wants to take it for a spin.

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