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Crème Caferacer Review

The first that springs to mind is when you see the Crème Caferacer is ‘classic’. This bike is certainly a throwback to those of a bygone era. You may feel a little out of place as you ride this bike around. The retro look is not an entirely bad thing, however.

The bike is a little bit on the hefty side, particularly for a commute bike. While this concerned us in the beginning, once we began to ride we realized that it does not really matter all that much. This extra weight all about disappears when you are on the move.

We spent a short but happy journey, riding around. If there is one thing that the Caferacer offers, is that is quite comfortable. As this definitely that you need in a commute bike, we were thrilled. The Caferacer can be summed up quite well, here, actually. This is strictly the kind of bike that is good for meandering around town. It will not get you anywhere in a hurry.

Another point of contention for us was the handling. It is quite wobbly and it takes a bit of effort to keep this bike on course. We decided to see how the Caferacer would handle gentle slopes. Here is where the weight began to become a problem. Fortunately, however, the gears came to the rescue and helped us get over that particular slump.

It is safe to say that the Caferacer garnered some mixed reviews within the group. Most felt that overall, it was not the type of bike that was really functional. Nonetheless, we could not deny that it was still a fun bike to laze around on. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a carefree summer’s day, this is the bike for you.

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  • Retro look
  • Good gears
  • Comfortable

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  • Not really value for money
  • Slow


The Verdict

If you are not planning on being anywhere, the Crème Caferacer is a fun bike to ride around on.

The Crème Caferacer is certainly an intriguing bike. However, it does seem to focus largely on form over function.

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