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Charge Plug is a highly flexible bike model that offers an advanced build to endure on both long and short journeys. This model is known for large tires that are voluminous and durable. This is an excellent bike model for casual users as well as dedicated cyclists.

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Cinq5 Plug III Dynamo Powered USB Charger
Cinq5 Plug III Dynamo Powered USB Charger

Charge Plug Review

Charge Plug bikes are easy to notice on the road. They have ginormous tires (for bicycles) and slender, often colorful, frames. This bike model is popular among commuters. However, we have been avoiding this model for the likes of Bianchi Infinito. We finally came around to taking one out for a spin in the city.

We were impressed by how smoothly the bike rolled down the streets. The large tires make it possible to cross long distances with little effort. The slender frame provided more than adequate support for the whole body. We rode this bike for close to five miles without any backside discomfort.

We have often found that bikes with tires this size often have back support issues. Large tires roll on, so sometimes it’s difficult to hold onto the grip. Charge Plug bikes are designed with this problem specifically in mind. The frame and the fork have been carefully placed to make it easy to grip while speeding down the road.

While the bike was great on paved roads, we would not recommend this bike model for rough roads. Even a pebble-strewn public park trail can pose serious trouble for this model.

This bike model is mudguard and rack compatible. Prices range from several hundred dollars to several thousand.


  • Voluminous tires for easy rolling
  • Trouble-free grip
  • Slender frame that offers comfort
  • Rides very smoothly on paved roads


  • Does not ride well on rough roads
  • Some may find large tires difficult to control

The Verdict

We can confidently recommend Charge Plug bikes for everyday transportation needs.

This model will be perfect for college students and environmentally-conscious adults. If you are looking for a sturdy and comfy bike for long and short commutes, then this is the model for you.