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Here we cover the type of equipment you can use for ICEBIKING. You will find a wide variety of opinions on the topic of equipment. So diverse, that you eventually come to the conclusion that they can't all be wrong. There must be multiple "right" solutions.

I rather suspect that, in the end, almost any bike can be used. You can go winter cycling on your summer bike, even your skinny tired road bike. In fact some ICEBIKERS prefer just that. Cuts through the snow, down to the traction, they claim.

Its not till you experiment with something else that you can determine that what you are using is better or worse. This is why it is desirable to try different bikes, lights, tires etc. All this can get expensive. That's why we offer these opinions. We are trying to save you money.

Must Have Item

Having said that, let me put in a plug for spending a little money. If you cycle commute, the money you save over driving a car will allow you a few luxuries, not to mention a few necessities. Since winter and darkness go hand in hand, you really deserve a set of good bike lights. They are required by law for night riding in most jurisdictions. If you want to survive to brag about cycling through the winter, you REALLY must have a good set of lights.

Is One Enough?

The second item to consider is another bike. If you live where conditions can very dramatically from day to day or week to week it is sometimes a good idea to consider investing in a good quality (perhaps second hand) bike that can be equipped differently.

For example, if you live in a maritime environment, where you might have icy frozen roads followed next week by rain, having one bike equipped with fenders and another equipped with studded tires is not unreasonable. Alternately, you could change tires (what a pain) or have an extra set of wheels for the same frame.

With two bikes, in addition to having a back-up bike if one breaks down, you have a choice of bikes, and are better equipped. A second hand bike can be had for anywhere from $75 to $350, depending on what you want. A little re-equipping, and you can have a rain bike and an ice bike.

The down side: storage, a duplicate set of lights, computer, pump patch kit, etc. There are more expenses than you think. But, hey, you're worth it, Right?

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