Tour De France Remembers Richard Moore

The organizers gathered the friends, family, and colleagues of the late journalist on the stage in his remembrance.
Richard Moore

ASO, Tour de France organizers, paid tribute to the late Scottish journalist Richard Moore, who died at the young age of just 48. The organizers gathered the friends, family, and colleagues of the late journalist on 6th July, Wednesday, on the stage in his remembrance.

Richard Moore was an author, journalist, podcaster, and racing cyclist. He co-created The Cycling Podcast. He was in northern France at his home when he died suddenly. Sadly, he passed silently from the world on 28th March.

Before the cobbled stage started, at lunchtime, Christian Prudhomme, The director of the Tour de France, shared some moments he had spent with Moore. Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe, who were both colleagues of the late journalist, were also present on the stage.

Prudhomme called Moore “The friend of Tour de France”. He also awarded Birnie and Friebe with the Trophy of Loyalty. This trophy is given to those who have covered the Tour 20 times. On behalf of Moore, Maxime and Virginie received trophies. Tour de France 2020 would have been the 19th for Moore.


Friebe got emotional as he spoke about his beloved colleague:

I want to thank Christian on behalf of all of Richard’s family – family in the literal sense of the word but also the broader sense – he had many friends here

He continued:

He’d have loved to have experienced today’s exceptional stage, he’d have loved to have experienced this day with us

Moore was loved internationally. He worked for many big publication houses including The Sunday Times, Rouleur and The Guardian. He started his journey in 2013 with Cycling Podcast, joined by Birnie and Friebe. The podcast gained popularity overnight, reaching 48 million audiences. He is also the author of many famous books including The dirtiest race in the history, Slaying the badger, Sky is the limit and many more.


As Friebe said:

In a way, he will always be with us and always with the Tour

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