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Orbea is a company that has a pretty great history with bikes, and the Rallon is one of their best sellers overall. The bike has been featured in races like the Enduro series and more, and is one of the most in-demand bikes in endurance racing right now.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Orbea Rallon Rally On Link Upgrade
Orbea Rallon Rally On Link Upgrade
Orbea Rallon M20 20
Orbea Rallon M20 20
Orbea Rallon M-Team 2020
Orbea Rallon M-Team 2020
Orbea Rallon M-Ltd 2020
Orbea Rallon M-Ltd 2020

Orbea Rallon Review

We took advantage of the Orbea Rallon as soon as we could get our hands on it, and it didn’t fail to please our critical eyes.

There aren’t any carbon frames here – the Rallon is made to be a little more affordable than most, which means that the frame is hydroformed aluminum weighing in at about 33lbs, which is a little heavy but makes the bike feel very sturdy indeed.

The fact that each bike is issued a lifetime warranty is also very consoling. One of our favorite features was the fork, which has 160mm of travel. The entire frame and body of the Rallon has a bright yellow color on it, and the tubes are all of a very distinctive shape.

Cables are routed along the outside, but manage to be very unobtrusive, giving a sweet, neat design overall. One huge plus for this bike that we noticed during our review ride was the suspension.

The Fox Float DPS performance shock system made the entire trip feel like it was being conducted in the clouds. Overall, the bike was amazing, with the exception of the seatpost, which kept sticking because there is no room for it to twist in place – only vertical motion is allowed.


  • Aluminum frame with great design
  • Sturdy body and components
  • Nice cable routing mechanism
  • Amazing suspension system
  • Affordable


  • Seatpost isn’t the best for colder climates

The Verdict

This bike is made for endurance, and manages to outlast most of its rivals in any situations. It does its job incredibly well, and for a lower price than you might think.

While we did have a few complaints about the bike, including the lack of proper grips and the vertical restriction for the seatpost, the sturdy frame, neat cable routing and the amazing shocks were more than enough to keep us hooked.