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Are you looking for a bike that looks good and that will allow you to hit those trails full force? Then, you will have to look no further than the Orbea Occam. This mountain bike weighs about 11 kilos, complete with a carbon frame. This bike is certainly not cheap and will cost you a pretty penny.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Orbea Occam H10 2021 Small Metallic
Orbea Occam H10 2021 Small Metallic
Orbea Occam M30 2020
Orbea Occam M30 2020
Orbea Occam M10 2020
Orbea Occam M10 2020
Orbea Occam M-LTD 2020
Orbea Occam M-LTD 2020

Orbea Occam Review

With the Orbea Occam series, it really is love at first sight. This bike is beautiful to behold and you will want to own it the moment that you have laid eyes on it. We overcame this urge just long enough to decide that we should probably test it out first. Here is what we had to say about this bike:

One of the best things about the Occam is that it is certainly light. This is a plus point if you are all about getting to those hard to reach places. The lightness of the overall bike will help you climb up any mountain with the greatest of ease. We found that we hardly broke a sweat trying to get up the steeper slopes.

What is really important with a mountain bike, however, is the suspension. You are going to be hitting a lot of bumps on your way up and down. You need something that is going to ease the brunt. Here is where the Occam really shines. No matter how hard we pushed this bike, it absorbed the rocks and sticks without so much as a complaint. This will definitely come in handy if you are planning on taking on rougher and tougher terrain.

Finally, the wheels of this bike were also truly amazing. When you are looking for a mountain bike, you need one that is going to put up with all of the abuse that you put it through. This is not just the frame and the other components. The tires need to comply as well. With the Orbea Occam, the tires did just that. You are not going to have to worry about trashing the tires anytime soon.


  • Light frame
  • Good handling
  • Excellent suspension
  • Hardy tires
  • Great appearance


  • Quite expensive

The Verdict

The Orbea Occam is a fun, enduring, and comfortable bike. It is certainly one of the better options out there.

The only off putting thing about the Orbea Occam is its price tag. If you consider all of its other superb features, however, this can be forgiven.