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If you are planning on winning prizes, then you are going to want the best of the best. To a large extent, this is precisely what you get with the Orbea Orca. This bike is an incredibly light 6.8 – 7 kg, while the weight varies depending on certain aspects of the OMR frame. This bike by no means is cheap but is definitely worth every penny.

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Bike Name Reseller Price
Orbea Orca Aero M30Team-D 2020 47
Orbea Orca Aero M30Team-D 2020 47
Orbea Orca M21iTeam-D 2020 Blue 55
Orbea Orca M21iTeam-D 2020 Blue 55
Orbea Orca M20i LTD 2021 47cm
Orbea Orca M20i LTD 2021 47cm
Orbea Orca M21eLTD-D 2020 47
Orbea Orca M21eLTD-D 2020 47

Orbea Orca Review

Straight off the bat, you know what to expect from Orca. This is because it is linked to the famed Orbea brand that has featured prominently in both the Olympics and Tour de France. So while the price tag might cause you to wince, you can be reassured that you are making a good investment.

When it comes to aesthetics, Orbea has clearly gotten rid of any unnecessary bulk. The Orca is streamlined and weighs in between 6.8 and 7 kilos. This, in part, is one reason to waste no time in getting this bike. Right away, you can tell that this bike is going to be fast.

Of course, we know what they say about assumptions so we decided to saddle up. We were definitely right about it being fast. If you are looking for a competitive bike then you really should look no further than an Orbea. The stiffness, in particular, is definitely what gives this bike an edge. Where the Orbea really shines, however, is the handling. Whether you are trying to maintain control over the fast corners or the slow ones, you do not have to worry.

One piece of the bad news is that you are going to have to pay through the nose for the higher end Orcas. Another downside to this bike is that it is not particularly comfortable. Of course, if you spend your time racing, it was unlikely that you were imagining a different outcome. So, really, this is something that can be overlooked.


  • Fast bike, great for racing
  • Streamlined appearance
  • Excellent handling


  • Pricey
  • Not very comfortable

The Verdict

The Orbea Orca is a fast racing bike with superior handling that gives you an edge over the competition.

Despite the price tag attached to this bike, it is a great option for a serious racer. If you would do anything to be a little bit ahead, then the Orbea Orca will definitely help you get there.